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Thai Lakorn

Long looong time ago, when Astro and even Mega TV (if any of you still remember) were not the hot thing in town yet, all we had were TV1, TV2 and TV3.

Some additional programme channels were available too. For those in the south peninsular, they watched Singapore channels; while for us in the north region, we received Thai channels. For those who familiar with it, the most watched channels would be channel 7, channel 3 etc.

And below were our most favourite drama series (in Thai, they call it 'lakorn') of all time~

^Sai Lo Hid (1995)

^Dao Pra Sook

The group of actors and actresses in both dramas were almost the same group, where the hero and heroine were the same, but with different background and era, so we won't get confused.

Of course, if you wonder, we don't understand Thai, but we're damn good in guessing! Plus, we have friends who understand Thai and watched the drama in the same time! So no problem in 'translating' the synopsis of an episode. :) Awwww I mi…

Time Spent in PJ

Day 1:
We had our FYP presentation (we called it 'Mid-ViVa) in Pauh. I was in the morning session, with Encik Megat (=.= attacker) and Mdm. Hema as my examiners.

It wasn't that horrible after all, I've been practising and rehearsing on the previous night, so I just talked whatever I rehearsed and hardly looked at the slide. I think I exceeded the 15-minute presentation, but who cares, no one jaga masa pun.

During the Q&A session, Mdm Hema asked more questions than En. Megat, which was quite odd because if you are being in En. Megat's class, you'll know he is one such attacker! =.= They backing up each other continuously to ask questions, and it's quite forbid that you paused with a long 'Aaaaaaaa'. I think my goreng technique was too awesome the two panels finally stopped asking me questions and smiled. :)

After I finished, I rushed back to hostel to take care the rest of my stuff and had lunch. Later that evening I went back to Pauh to pick up lopo, wh…

Kejohanan Badminton Terbuka UniMAP

Last week En. Shahril FYP supervisor aka foster father asked me to be his partner under the mixed double category for UniMAP badminton tournament, and since I wouldn't be going anywhere, I agreed.

The tournament was held at the badminton court at the corner of the road near to UniMAP Kapitol Hall. The court is nice, the only bad thing about the hall is that, limited parking.

En Shahril's mother took leave to come from SP to watch her sons' game too. What a supportive mom she is! :D

We lose during quarter final, lack of training I suppose, and of course, inexcusable and unforgivable careless mistakes I've made throughout the game. Short court and serve mistakes!?!??! If it was volleyball training loooong ago, I would be yelled by my coach with vulgars and sorts ady. Haih...

^The blue shirt player is En Shahril's brother.

Anyway, I had a fun time. :) Sweat is fun! Summore can see some good looking male players, not too bad lah~

Short Trip to Pauh

Once upon a time, in a rainy morning, everyone was so damn 'excited' kononnya lah to do their FYP, just to find the labs where the equipments are stored were locked, and none of the technician guys were in the lab!

Then only we knew, everyone went to Pauh, where our University campus is located. So we have no choice but to wait at the Instrumentation lab to waste time.

By the time we almost gave up waiting, Puan Robi who is one of the PLVs said they would be back after lunch time, but we were not allowed to stay in the lab because no one was 'guarding'.

Having no place in the nearest radius to lepak, I said to As and Adik:"Jom lah pergi visit Pauh!"

Convoy with Cik Mai's light blue Chevrolet Aveo, we followed a new route, crossing Kampung Pauh something and bypass part of the 'highway'. It was a new route that none of us knew it.
Bak kata Adik:"Kalau tak konvoi dgn diorg mane kite nk tau ade jalan ni?? =)"

Once we arrived Pauh, the first perso…

Tutorial: Origami - Bird

Few days back we had a 'Melipat Burung Bersama Abang Raz' session in the Biomechanic Lab. Haha he is just so funneh! =) Spending time with the technician boys is such a joy~ Although they are quite noisy most of the time.

The first step is to fold the base. Kindly follow the bird base instruction for clearer view.

Once the bird base is completed, fold the side of triangle like....

^this.... form....


Repeat the same step at the other side until....

^ this.

From here, open the shaded side of the folded triangle as shown below...

^...and get this!

Fold it following the direction of the arrow....


Repeat the same step for the other side....

^...and form this!

Open the shaded side and take it upright.

Then, fold the triangle/pentagon side down which will shape like a wing....

^ this! (It is really wing btw)

Repeat same step on the other side of triangle / pentagon too...

^to form this!

Fold the place where the red arrows pointed to form a shape of head a…