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What if...

I have a lot of these What-If's questions running in my head lately.

What if I choose this...
What if I take that...
What if I go there...
What if I stay here...

...and the list goes on and on.

I used to be that kind of person who dislikes 假设性问题 What-If's questions, and I even scolded few friends for asking me such questions.

As years gone by, I realized that I've made A LOT of decisions myself, more or less giving some impact into my life and somehow form who I am right now.

For some reason, I start to think about the other way around, the other side of the journey, the other exit of the life crossroad junctions.

What would happen if I make the other decision?
What would happen if I choose the other exit of that junction?
Who would I meet?
What kind of challenges I would face?
What kind of a person would I become if I did that?

...and it gone a little insane too, that I started to have regrets in some decisions I made, which is not really a good idea.

It affected me in regretting not to…

'I Feel Insulted!!'

Best drama ever!! ... ... ... so far ... ...

Doing an event, regardless the size of the event, we have to work in a group/community/whatever you call it.

Working with a group of people, regardless the size of the group, we often see a lot and different kind of funny/disgusting/irritating/whatever-you-feel attitude and behaviors among the people.

I think you may have meet some of the weirdest people in your life. Those that you really want to whack his/her head with a hammer.

Today, a funny little incident erupted among our little committees group.

I'm not the victim nor the 'prosecutor' in this scenario, just an audience with popcorn on her hand. *Cheshire cat smiles*

Apparently, someone felt offended by the emails, and replied in hatred and anger.

The point is:
1. It's not really a big deal, as if we can get credit in terms of cash or prize for doing this 'charity' work. Why so serious?
2. Even if you want to write angry email, make sure you check your spellin…








幽灵公主 Princess Mononoke 是属于比较黑色幽默的类型,Soundtrack 也比较偏向忧伤,第一次听了鸡皮疙瘩都掉满地了...


Too Many Series, Too Little Space (& Time)

One down, nine to go.

Yes. Ten of them all.

The other day a friend was posting a youtube on one of the "The Good Wife" scene, and I was silently screaming of excitement that finally someone shares the same taste as I do.

Then he and his friends talked about 'collecting' the series, finished watching this season, didn't get a hand on that season...

Then I wondered, how come all my laptop drives and external HDD are full?

Secret revealed that I am currently watching/wanting-to-watch ten series!

- Castle S3 (just finished season finale)
- Glee S2
- House S7
- White Collar S2
- The Mentalist S3
- CSI S11
- Lie To Me S3
- Raising Hope S1

Four of them has yet to be 'collected' the entire season, and my drives scream "DAMN YOU I'm stuffed lah!!" Duh!! Boh bien, the usual entertainment slot is taken place by the data entry part time job, for money's sake. :/

Time of new HDD investment? Hmm. I just got my pay too. Hmmmm.....

Anyway, I…

Mission Impossible Complete (should be)

Always treating us as a bunch of almighty captain brainaches, Boss gave us a mission impossible today: to complete (our part) the research grant form and submit by the very same evening.

Yes. Meeting at 9.30am, submission date at 4.00pm that evening.


All of us squeezed billions and billions neurons to complete our part. Well, the partial thing (our part) was done at around 5.00pm, so the submission thing will be done by Boss lah...


Yet, sleeping late again tonight. Sigh~

P/S: I had an anxiety attack again. My job in the Bursary Committee of the postgraduate conference is way overdue. Sigh~ Blame myself though...

Calling for sponsorship here! Who/Which company is kind and generous enough to help? =)

It Goes 'Churp Churp'

I was watering landlady's plants (I am such a darling tenant loh~) when I heard a loud churp churps going on and on around the plants.

I looked ups and downs for any possibilities I might find a nest around the hollow place at the awning, near the door etc, until I found a stash of hay/dry grass on one of the thin and tall bamboo-like plant.

Then I tried to move away the branches to get a closer look at it, until I spotted a door-like entrance and the nest...

^The white thing within all the leaves and dry grass is beak of a bird inside the nest!!

I wasn't sure if the bird was dead or what as it stayed there very very still throughout my inspection. I guess it just be very very alert and stern against predator.

When I was moving the branches around to get even closer looks, I could see little wings wiggling around!! Cuteness~

I must say, the bird parents must be a really great architects as the nest is built on a very high ground and between the look-like very fragile branches,…


看了欢喜台的蓝色水玲珑 - 西瓜有鬼 (上集)...
希望aunty下个星期先别回来,让我看了下集再回来吧 -_-

结果,西瓜竟然变鬼了... ... ...










Penang Weekend Getaway



I chose an alternative route this time, exited via Sungai Petani (U), bypassed partial highway which saved the toll money by RM6.90!! (RM11.40-RM4.50). Anyway, city drive was the tormenting part, I doubted I saved any on the fuel. Sigh~

Met up with Hau, the senior and my ketua when I was with Pusat Sukan in Poli. We haven't met for 7-8 years!!

Things I've done:

1. War Museum

Well, it was quite different from what I've imagined it to be. It would be great for the night tour, for its hilly landscape, dim lights, manikins etc. Since we visited in the day time, it was less creepy and a little disappointing -__-

^Time trail of what was going on in the past...

^The replica of General Tomoyuki Yamashita gallow

They have small and pitch dark underground tunnels for the visitors to walk through, where a torch light would come in handy. We even spotted bats on the second tunnel.

When it got a little boring for me while walking through floors and floors of forts, quarters …

Tribute to BiBiBoi Lim

Last March, we lost CoCo. Now, BiBi leave us too. Forever. :(

Mom went to KL last weekend, and when the time they got back home, they were told that there's some veterinary officers came to our neighborhood to shoot stray dogs as there were complaints about stray dogs hunting and eating the chicken.

Innocently, BiBi was shot; while the main culprit got away as the bastxrd knew how to survive and where to hide. My parents didn't find the body though, must be carried away by the officers. Few of the strays were gone too.


BiBi came to our house last August. Mom was a little hesitated in the beginning since he was a little over the tiny puppy phase anymore when he was brought to the house. Like little infant who can recognise the parents, he already recognised the one who feed him. It took some time for us to get fond with him, luckily it didn't took too long.

He was a mischievous little brat, although he grows to be slightly mature little fella when he's…


( 想到钱的问题就会自动醒来回到现实.. :/ )








忘了是参加什么游戏,我有一天偶然收到Apple 101的快报email。







作者去了西海大峡谷!! 我的遗憾哪~~~

这么多作品,最让我受不了的是 -- 西藏



而是说了另一个我不知道的景区:珠穆朗玛峰大本营 Mt. Qomolangma/Mt. Everest Base Camp

海拔5200米,比深山顶峰还高!! *兴奋尖叫-ing*







Indication of Boss' Whereabouts

How does the indicator work?

It is greatly related to the level of noise in the lab:

When it is really noisy (level 5 - 10)
= the lab is crowded with people
= Boss is in Kangar but at some place else

When it is rather quite (level 0 - 4)
= Boss is either IN the cluster (the cluster is crowded yet everyone is very quiet)
= Boss is very far far away (the lab is empty)

LoL. Hope boss doesn't see this, or else we're so dead.

Shopping Frenzy and other things

Due to all the frenziness of road trips and stuffs, I took a short weekend getaway to PJ for LaYen's wedding. It wasn't really a getaway for relaxation at all, because I spent my days there shopping and movies and going arounds.

My outcomes:

^Halter dress and blouse for DaJie's wedding

The halter dress was bought at Rantau Panjang. Super Deep V!!

There's whole lot more 战利品 from the shopping, most of them are great bargains tops and singlets (3 spaghetti tops for RM11 in F.O.S!!), and a pair of RM29 jeans from WH, and they went all into the washing machine before I realized I should have taken photos for blogging.

I came back to Perlis a little earlier than I have planned, as I wanted to attend the Belly Dance Workshop. It was fun!

The fan suddenly stopped working in the middle of the night, causing me bath in sweat that woke me up. Went to shop for fan in C-Mart Arau as they're having an electrical appliance expo there.

I was a little regret after paying RM99 for t…

Driving Frenzy

A total of 1,400 km, 24 hours in total, I am hebatness overload! :)

Four of us, under same supervisor, attended the conference held in TATiUC in Kemaman, Terengganu. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, although I was at Kota Bharu a week before the conference, I still needed to go back to Perlis to start driving from there.

For the whole 1,400 km journey, I was the sole driver, because:
One don't have license;
One has license but forgot how to drive (due to lack of practices);
One can't drive manual car.

For some moment, it do make me feel very proud of myself because there's almost nothing that cannot be done by me! :p

The going trip was terrible. The time was a little rush so we decided to complete the journey within one day.

BIG mistake
I felt woozy from 1/4 of the journey because of early hour wake up time, plus the hot weather, I didn't even know how did I get through all this.

Worse part was that the whole journey was on the 1 and/or 2 lane city roads, not a si…