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^Finally, Tesco Alor Star has fulfilled my cravings for Sushi!

I was satisfied, and full...

Craving for some particular food is not 'dangerous' and 'miserable' feeling to have, as long as it happens in the right place and at the right time.

Me, like a pregnant lady, often have this sudden urge for a particular food once a while. This time, it's Sushi.

People, who spent enough time staying in Perlis, is able to understand that this place is a more 'peaceful' and 'tranquil' place than they have ever imagined, which in other word --- BORING.

So, having such craving is indeed self-destructive (and a craving for McD too), because the nearest you can go to fulfill your craving is 45-minutes drive to Alor Star.

Not to mention cravings for food in XinJiang (ref1 & ref2), Kelantan (nasi dagang, 'cow jump' etc) and the list goes on... ... ...

This time around, I'm 满意, but I'm not sure how long the 满意 will last. Goodness... -_____-


娘家 Home Town

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This is another Korean movie which made me cry my lungs out.

It is also a movie which reminded me that 'must pay full attention when watching a movie, especially touching one', because I have this habit of doing something else eg. cross stitching while watching movie/drama.

This movie tells the story of the special bonding between a mother and daughter, and has a strong '子欲养而亲不在’ 的道理, but in this case, the daughter who is the one 'leaving'. 白头人送黑头人, 不孝啊~~~

Well, this time I don't want to talk about the movie, but about my own story instead, because there's one sentence of dialog that the mother in this movie said, which my mom told me few years ago.


My mom is a teacher, teaching in a Malay secondary school in KB. Dad was an air traffic controller, once worked in KB airport.

His working shift was much different from our daily routine. We already slept when he came back from work. He went to w…

The Terrifying 62kg

Friends (especially the secondary school's and poli's) and family know that I was the type of person who never gain weight no matter how much I eat. I have been this way for the past 25 years, and I kinda proud and often bragged about it.

Since I leave home for Politeknik, every time I went back, the compulsory questions from my aunts were:"How come you are thinner and thinner each time you come back? You didn't eat is it? Life there very tough huh?" Well, it was quite annoying back then, because it happened every single time I went back, but now, I kinda miss it.

Although along the years, friends and people around me had warned me about the belly which started to grow (and their comment was the belly was obvious because I was thin), my weight never exceed 50kg, and I still received comments that I was kurus kering in Uni.

They said it was genetic, and I truly believed it because my mum was in this group too - tall and thin.

Anyway, things changed.

They said woman'…

A Weird Dream

As far as I can remember, I have never had any drama-alike dreams in my whole life, needless to say same group of people, until last two nights.

On the first night, it started off with me trying to run away from the flood, while needed something to be done (clothes or something). It's a dream, so it doesn't have to make sense. I can't recall what was the plot of that dream, but in the end, I was stuck and unable to go anywhere, while the 'thing' was given to this particular guy to get it done.

First point: I dreamed of my dad who wanted to help me escape from the flood, few friends, but I seriously don't recognize this guy.

On the second night (last night), I was still stuck, the Kangar-Alor Star road was flooded, but the 'thing' was completed, and the guy handed it over to me, and we chatted. It was a nice conversation yet I forgot the content of our conversation. Still, I don't know who he is, and now I don't even remember how does he look like. …

Clean, Clean, Clean

My room doesn't smell muddy or badly after all. Thank goodness!

Shops and supermarkets have been stocking up Febreeze and other air freshener products on their shelves and yet some shops are still out-of-stock.

Anyway, I still need things that can me-wangi-kan my room, just in case out of sudden some awful odor wakens me in the middle of the night. When I put all my stuffs at the checkout, the cashier's mind might be thinking:"Another flood victim. Poor dear~"

Last weekend was all sweat and pain (muscle ache). There's some part when tears almost join the fun too. Thank god too, it was a bright sunny weekend, so I could clean all the mess and did my laundry.

Cleaning the floor mats and laying them was the toughest job of all. Cleaning it was easier, but laying them was a difficult task as I have one heavy furniture (the wooden bed frame) and few quite big size furnitures that I could not move out from the room.

Being a stubborn cow as I always am who don't want to …

Flash Flood in Kangar - Aftermath

This flood is reported as the worst ever in the history of Perlis, especially Kangar. Almost whole Kangar is soaked under the flood for about 3-4 days.

I managed to escape the flood the next day, by the time the flood invaded Seriab. It was horrible to see how terrible the condition was as we never imagine it could be this worse.

^See, the padi field behind the bus was like a river or lake already...

I intentionally decided to come back on Tuesday as to make sure the water is easing and I don't stuck somewhere in the middle of the journey, but this decision triggered a small quarrel between me and the aunty neighbor.


A short advertisement:

I have this particular aunty neighbor who has been extremely care about me. She called when she saw my car's still at home at 8.40am (as I usually off to cluster at 8.05am plus minus); she called when she saw me coming back at 11am or 4pm (which is quite odd timing…

Flash Flood in Kangar

It started raining since last Thursday, and my friend said she saw the so-called twister around Jejawi area that day! Here's the story

I was away last weekend, and by the time I came back to Perlis on Monday, aunty neighbor told me it's been raining non-stop for 3 solid days and reminded me to be prepared for worst case scenario, eg to move my stuffs higher etc. I thought she was just being kua zhang as she usually is and proceed my usual housework which I usually did on weekends.

This morning, I still couldn't feel anything unusual, besides the sunny day after a whole day of raining. I went to the research cluster to find only a handful of people were there and others were either trapped in the flood or their house became islands (their house is safe but there's water all around it).

It was quite a messy morning for me as the air-cond began its water-leaking routine, but this time, it just wouldn't stop at all, and soon my desk was flooded. I had to move to the other…