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Dating on Two Wheels: 3D2N Hatyai (again...)

Again again we went again...

Maybe the food, the expenses, the people, donno, both of us have some kind of fondness for Hatyai LOL.

This time around, we were all gung-ho after our first experience, no fear no nervous no nothing muahaha!

Unfortunate event still happened though LOL. I went back to my house to take my passport, when Hon reversed out from the house, we heard a loud bang from the back tyre, and there it was a nail sticking into the tyre! Since it was very early, 6 am mind you, we had to waste our time at McD while waiting for the workshop to open, which, in the case of Perlis, good luck finding any workshop that opens before 9am.

Perlis Marathon 2016 - 5 km

Quick update!

Joined the 10 km category last year; this year I joined the 5 km category together-gether with Hon.
.:website here:.

Yeah I know right? last year 10 km this year 5 km. Eeeeeeeveryone was like: "Why you terbalik/'topeng'/reverse one?? People usually 'upgrade'; YOU on the other hand..."

LOL hear me out.