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The End of 2013 尾声

The best thing that ever happened to me in 2013 ...
... is YOU :)
Will practice more of this 'Law of Attraction' power and being a better person, Hon being my guide LOLz
May 2014 be a better year

East Coast Trip - Food, Turtle Sanctuary & Impiana Cherating Resort

The Chinese version talked about the long stretched details of the East Coast trip last week, so the English version would focus on the two main places: turtle sanctuary and the disappointing 3D2N stay at Impiana Cherating Resort; and of course, FOOD.

Overall, the mileage of our road trip hits approximately 1,700km++, which starts from Perlis, going Kelantan through Gerik, down south to Terengganu and Cherating, Pahang. You can view our route on Google Map in this post.




***   ***   ***


他说:“噢!... ... ... 我跟你一起回!顺便road trip周游东海岸三号公路!我驾车北上载你,然后回吉兰丹,再走沿海公路南下登嘉楼,彭亨,柔佛,再北上马六甲,吉隆坡,然后委屈你坐巴士回玻璃市。好不好?好不好?好不好?”

丽贝岛 Koh Lipe 四天四夜 (并不长)


十一月一号到五号,我俩溜去了丽贝岛 Koh Lipe。
注:以下所讲的时间全部是大马时间 +8 GMT hour


出发前,我很怕死地到处问行程,到码头的路线,speedboat时间表等,可是后来想想,人家在讲时我好像没怎么pay attention也 -_-

Koh Lipe 4D4N

HonNee went to Koh Lipe on 1st - 5th November.

Everyone has been predicting we gonna be so darn bored for 4 days 4 nights there as it is a very small island with nothing much to do, we beg to differ.

Hon in-charged of accommodation booking and his flight to Alor Setar, while I in-charged the speedboat tickets(*1) and Thailand car insurance(*2).

Girls Gone Wild - Langkawi

Us girls gone crazily wild!!!

As a plan of abducting the bride-to-be for a trip, the minute we had everyone OK with the date, we got the funding, ferry tickets, accommodation all set, and we went off for a weekend getaway. We being me, Theresa, Jynn and Aimi.

Oh, it's not as simple as 'OK'. Us girls have been wanting to go for a girls' day getaway for a long time, but Aimi's been busy with all the ups and downs in her life lately, part of it is because of her wedding in Dec. When Jynn got fed up with Aimi's school's unnecessary menial duties that kept her so busy, she warned:"Aimi, you better leave all this nonsense behind and go with us, or else I'm gonna be a mafia and kidnap you from school there and then!" ...and, threat worked!

Birthday 2013 with a Blast

...It's been a month+ and it's waaaay overdue and dear Hon has been waiting for this post for ages.... Anyway...

My 2013 birthday was a serene blast! :)

Filled with love, romance and gratitude! :D

Family Trip to Vietnam - SAPA

Part 1: Hanoi, Part 2: Ha Long Bay, Part 3: Sapa

Tour guide: ‘Zo’

Stay: Train + Hotel Fansipan View
We were sent to the Hanoi train station by taxi, nearly late because of the road blocks of few roads due to the mid-autumn festival celebration (it’s a very big celebration in Vietnam). The Indochina Queen II Hotel assigned a bellboy to escort us from the hotel all the way to train boarding.
Unlike the train ride in Hue, it seems a little more complicated to board the train in Hanoi. We were fortunate to have such a good service from the hotel to send a staff to guide us. The staff helped us to enquire about the tickets, waited with us for the train, and when the gate opened, he led us from the gate all the way to our cabin.

Family Trip to Vietnam - Ha Long Bay

Part 1: Hanoi, Part 2: Ha Long Bay, Part 3: Sapa

Tour guide of the day: Minh ‘Mike’
Stay: V’Spirit Classic Cruise
Ha Long Bay, aka 下龙湾, aka the Bay of Descending Dragon -- The new 7 wonders of the world.

A van picked us up at the hotel at around 8am and started a 3 hours bumpy road journey along with some 20 tourists to Halong Bay.

Family Trip to Vietnam - Around Hanoi

Part 1: Hanoi, Part 2: Ha Long Bay, Part 3: Sapa

Our first overseas family trip to Hanoi,Vietnam!! Woohoo!!

We stayed at Indochina Queen II Hotel, Thuoc Bac Street in Hanot.

1. Hanoi City Tour

Places: Ho Chi Minh Complex (Mausoleum, Museum, One Pillar Pagoda) -- Ethnology Museum -- Literature Temple (Quoc Tu Giam) -- Hoan Kime Lake 还剑湖 -- Water puppet show

Tour guide of the day:  Benjamin

We arrived Hanoi International Airport at about 9am local time, and the tour guide of the day, Benjamin, picked us up.

First Time to Singapore aka SinJiaPor

So many backlogs, so lazy... Yikes!

At the mid of Sept, Hon brought me to Singapore over the weekend as he had a wedding dinner to attend (he attended alone since he RSVP-ed one pax).

Believe it or not, for the first time in my 29 (yeah, officially 29) years, this is the first time I step foot on Singapore land, a country so near yet so far, and a country where Hon spent 7 years of his life there. He told a friend of his about this, and the friend went:"WHAT!??! How is that possible??", and when you know where I come from and where I am now, you would understand.
Thailand is so much nearer, and, comparing to Penang, the bargain is irresistable!!

Ipoh Merdeka Jamming Trip

...yeah, it's the... *counting* third trip already and we are shy of 2 weeks for our 2-monthaversary.

What to do? I hooked up a travel addict...
It was a plan out of 'we wanna meet each other but flight of him coming AOR or me going KL is expensive', so we sorted to both party settle half way – Ipoh.
Ajak Theresa along as she always has this sparkles in her eyes when she talks about Ipoh food, plus she knows the way. Too bad she was occupied for the weekend, so I traveled alone. Asked for the local, CK of a food guide, and he gave me a list of ‘tourist trap’ food places where in the end we didn’t go to half of it LOL.

Outskirts Weekend Getaway at Suria Hill Country House Janda Baik

This was one of the first few flights that Hon booked me to KL, after he got back to KL from the Up North trip. That's commitment! I mean, yeah, he can afford to buy me few promo flight tickets, and that is his effort of wanting to see me in physical. The effort is good enough, and, flights are definitely better muahaha!

Before I go hoo-haa about the lovey dovey HonNee thing and the hatred thing about the exes, let’s move on~!!
We planned for a countryside getaway at Janda Baik for the weekend yeay!! It was Hon’s DateSpark* and he’s delivering the promise J
*DateSpark is one of the features in to write down the date ideas you want to have and see if any member is interested with it. Hon’s DateSpark was the reason I started email him (yeah, I made the first move, I admit), and he admits he purposely wrote that idea to lure me with keywords like embrace the nature, waterfall, beach and coffee LOL!

Penang Raya Jamming Trip

Intended to write about the BWF Championship thingy, but considering I’m not a famed commentator and practically no one gives a damn about what I write, so, passed! Anyway, I’m kinda glad that China no longer dominates all the categories hehe… and, yeah, LCW is still not LD’s league…
Let’s get back to the main agenda. It was initially a trip planned between Hon and his sister, it just so happened that we ‘met’ along the way, so he asked me along. Literally, this trip was all about eat, hugs and kisses, sleep, eat, hugs and kisses, sleep, eat, hugs and kisses, sleep, eat, hugs and kisses, sleep…

The Chronicles of M&M: The End

After painstaking consideration, I decided to let my boys go.

It wasn't the first time I have this thought. In fact, the time when Mozzie passed away, I thought about putting up Manny for adoption, but somehow, I decided to give it another try and took Mojo in instead.

This time, for so many reasons (that seems to be excuses after all), I put my boys up for adoption/sell and sold them to a youngster in KL.

I have always wanted a pet of my own. I am always surrounded by pets, dogs in particular. My house has few dogs, both my maternal and paternal grandparents' places have dogs. However, these dogs weren't literally my pet. My duty was to release their latch and play with them, while all those daily routines like feeding, toilet train etc were done by my parents, mom in particular.

When I moved to a new place with more space and the convenience of keeping a pet, I sorted to guinea pig, which has been my desire since 2004. One of the main reasons of wanting a pet is to see …

(Pleasant) Trip Around North 3 - Around Perlis


We walked in to get a room at the Tasoh Lake Resort & Retreat only to know that, it's vacant. The receptionist gave us the room where it is located at the end of the road. Luckily we could park our car next to the chalet!

As compared to our previous night's stay on Jerai, Tasoh's resort was disappointing, as well as the view. 落差太大! The floor was sticky as if it doesn't been mopped for ages; the water from the shower was VERY slow and the heater was malfunctioned; there's no floor towel/mat; the batteries for the air-cond remote controller was dead; worst part, the view was blocked by few trees so we couldn't get the full panoramic view of the lake. The floor was so sticky, I need to use the resort towel to wipe the floor (swirling the towel around using legs, no way I'm gonna bend down and wipe the floor like Cinderella), to at least be able to walk in the room without tiptoeing.

Brought him to Hai Tien, the 'renowned' seaside restaurant…

(Pleasant) Trip Around North 2 - Lembah Bujang, Jeti Semeling


After we had our breakfast, walked around the Regency resort, couldn't stop repeating "We'll come back again!!", we checked out at around noon and drove downhill. Hon, being a very VERY flexible and Free-n-Easy traveler, and me, being a clueless guide,we sorted to visit the Lembah Bujang Archeological Museum at Yan, about 20 minutes driving distance from Jerai foot hill.

We drove on K144 and K1 road across Yan. It wasn't too hard to find our way, thanks to the gracious GPS, and the view was irresistibly yummy! Gunung Jerai as the backdrop with vast greenly paddy field, awesome! I had to keep it to myself most of the time as everytime I was amazed (you know how is it like when I am amazed), it would distract the driver and his eyes would be removed from the road to the view, so BIG no no.

Arriving at the valley, it looked deserted and quiet, so we got a little confused. Seeing our confusion, a staff or gardener told us the gallery was closed due to black-o…

(Pleasant) Trip Around North 1 - Gunung Jerai

DAMMIT!! Blogger ate my post! Argh!!

The travel mate this time is Hon, a sweet plus-sized teddy and he is mine! Most of the friends who know about us think that it is so quick of me to jump from a relationship to another, but well, when you are looking for a float on the ocean and you find yourselves a big luxury yacht, you know you MUST grab it! LOL! Although he deserves a special post in my blog, I don't want certain people to snoop around my life, so if you are curious about him/us, you know how to reach me *wink*

He started his journey up north at 9.30pm driving, stopped at few RnR to sleep and shower, and showed up at my place at 9am. We had our breakfast at Kangar, and off we went to Gunung Jerai.

We checked in The Regency Jerai Hill Resort, the one and only resort of top of the hill. He booked the cheapest chalet (cheap being the price, not 'cheap' cheap) yet our balcony view is superb and awesoooome! It has an open and blocking-free panoramic view of the paddy fiel…

Kuching Trip Summary

It's been two weeks, and I've been struggling about writing a blog about it (very rare) because somewhere deep inside me is fighting the will of not writing as I'm not thoroughly wanted to. Reason being - personal and human reason.

In fact, I have been drafting and deleting and drafting and deleting again so many times, as comparable to my struggle of writing an academic journal paper, I finally decided to let go of writing a detailed one and simply provide a summary of the trip.

We went to Kuching on 29th June til 2 July for a simple getaway. We being me, my two housemates Long and Jessica, Liu, my former housemate Ai Ling, and her cousin Li Ling.

Being a local, Long has been nothing but an awesome host, including his parents. On the first night, Ai Ling and me stayed up until almost 1AM, listening to his mother's stories.

The trip can be divided into two main genre: food and places to visit.


For god-knows-how-many-times Long has been mentioning how different K…





说付出就付出,说放下就放下,完全没take two的意思;

最近很不顺心啊~ 周遭人事物都似乎在找我的渣,很累。




第八日的蝉 Youkame no Semi







很多人(是全部人吧)都认为我这样很potong stim,可是就我来说,知道下一幕会发生什么事会让我更期待,当它发生时,和我想象的有落差都会让我有惊喜,而且,每次都是噢~~






2)最有型的男人非照相馆大叔莫属啊!目测就可以知道惠理菜是二十年前的小薰!他的眼睛和脑袋有pattern recognition system吗?帅毙了!


2010年,喀纳斯之旅, 认识了一位来自河北的男生(忘了名字)。跟他好聊到啊,东南西北地聊个不停。我们聊到了电影这个话题,在他很惊讶我竟然会知道葛优时,跟我说葛优以前的电影比较有看头时;回国后,找了好几个下得了的葛优旧电影,其中一个就是《活着》。





四十年代:福贵好赌,逼走妻子家珍,把自己院子都赌输了给龙二,气死爸爸,从此过着穷困的生活。靠皮影表演谋生,途中却被抓去当兵,从兵队里的老兵老全明白了生活的真意,也从那时起,开始了“活着”的说法 -- “活着回去,回去好好活”。回到村子和家人会合,龙二被枪毙 - 福贵被吓倒尿裤子,葛优演得超赞的 - 福贵和家珍决定重建他们的生活,当个贫民老百姓。


六十年代: 进入文化大革命的时代。福贵的皮影被视为‘四旧’,被逼烧了;女儿凤霞嫁人;好友春生被打成走资派遭到批斗;凤霞要生产了,送去被“红卫兵夺权+老大夫都以反动学术权威之罪名被关进牛棚”的医院,结果凤霞大出血难产死了...


 ***    ***   ***
观后感 :

抄百度一句 “四十年,弹指一挥或是沧海桑田,无数黄面孔的、沉默的、坚韧的中国人就这默默地生活着。”


CSI: Never Gonna Be The Same Again

'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' was first introduced to me when I was at the ex-bf's house back in, wow, 2003, I think.

I started 'officially' watching on Season 4 in 2004, almost the same time as House M.D. came out. I'm speaking of the era when I got my first laptop, Internet was still a luxury (provided my hostel's cyber cafe's internet sucks max), and we were still using 3 1/2" floppy disks for computer data transferring. AXN was my fixed channel whenever I went back home for semester breaks.

That time, the Grissom team was utmost awesome. For several seasons later, the casts remained the same and that definitely retain the teamwork chemistry real strong. The presence of Lady Heather doesn't bother me, it creates a different set of chemistry between her, Gil and Sara.

The most awesome season finale, 'Grave Danger' of season 5, is still running in my head. Directed by Quentin Tarantino, it was Tarantino-ly spectacular. If I'm no…

Wee Shirlyn 1 Year Update

Whaddayaknow, she is one year old already!!!

Gah, sometimes I hope time can go by like those Perlisian drivers (not all) who drives their car at 50-60km/h speed on the right lane of a stretch of 90km/h road. A little unreasonably slow would be good.

The official birthday was on 6th June, but since Friday falls on 7th and it's weekend in Kelantan, Da Jie had a birthday bash at Four Season Restaurant for this brat Little One.

Little One has a range of dresses for her to wear, and the way the mother arranged it to take photos is so much like the online seller trying to sell the dress!

The party was OK with one snag - there was no cake!! LOL. One of the cake's mission was to take picture with the birthday girl at a studio, where the appointment was after the party. Hence, no cake.

The mother ordered Jelly cake too!!! Yum Yum!!! It was very HUGE and heavy, but since it's all jelly, the cake disappeared pretty fast too, especially when the house was occupied by a bunch of great-…

The Sick Society

Watched a video on FB about a quarrel incident in Singapore MRT.

Was reluctant to watch at first because it would affect the mood, to see how sick the society is/how rude a person can be blah blah, especially when the title reads 'Guy Quarrels and Spits on Old Man on MRT'. Watched it anyway, by reading the comments first.

The beginning of the video, I felt a little weird because in the comment/description, it's about the priority seat thingy, and, well, there's an empty seat beside that priority seat. According to report, the elderly refused the seat given up by a young guy, and ask the man sitting in the priority seat to give up the seat instead. The priority seat guy got offended and the fight started. The video was noisy because there's yelling and shouting, plus there's an infant sitting next to both man! The spitting part was indeed shocking to me.

The reason why the priority guy was shouting 'racist' is because the young man who gave up his seat …

The Notebook

*** “So it's not gonna be easy. It's going to be really hard; we're gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday. You and me... everyday.”

Although Shien said my movie reviews are kinda boring, I DON'T CARE. Tak bagi damn pun :p

It was the election day. Everything settled, everyone was tired, every moment spent at hometown was lazing and spoiled. Then Tino turned on the TV and said 'The Notebook' was on, and I was like "Ooooh Ryan Gosling~ Get to see his acting finally~" and mumbled some random female actress's name that got a scorny squint from Tino.

Frankly, I never watch any of his movies. I get to know him only when The BF and I came out from cinema and saw 'Gangster Squad' poster, and...

Him:"Hey look baby! It's Ryan Gosling!"
Me:"...ermm... Sorry baby, I recognize Sean Penn only..."
"Oh OK. I also didn't know much of his m…

Danok One Day 'Decent' Trip

Since there is a request on writing this post (and I'm freaking damn honored!), so here it goes...

On Friday, Wesak Day, we (me, CK, Voon and BeeYing) went to Danok for a day trip.

It was initially a plan to have the cheap steamboat after I had one on January, but, you know, delays and delays happen. Until one day, we had enough and decided this is it!!

Since CK has been there few times at night, I have been there once at night, the other two never been there, and they can NONE about description or recommendation of day trip in Danok online, we decided we gonna give it a try (a day-trip try).

Departed from Kangar after breakfast around 9.30AM, reaching Bukit Kayu Hitam about an hour later and traffic jam!!! It took us around one hour (!!) for a journey of 200 m to reach and cross the Malaysian border checkpoint. SO many people were going 'overseas' on the 3-days long weekend plus school holiday.

Parked the car at the Duty Free mall and walked for about 200 m to cross the b…

My Snail Mail Moment

OK, enough of all those boring dissatisfied grunts, let's go back to the normal blogging :)

This post is inspired by Rurousha, a South African currently living in Japan. Well, my post would not be as well-written as she does, but I will try my very best :)

This is also a post I wanted to write about for quite sometime, I just can't find the chance to.

The other day, I was reading this post on Rurousha's blog about 'The lost art of letter writing', and I remembered the good old times when snail mail was my thing back in those days. Internet was first introduced to my home in the year of 2001 (yeah I glad we escaped the millennium bug frenzy), so letter writing and land-line calling were the ways of connecting to those staying faraway from you.

First, I need to introduce a dear friend of mine, Chew Wai.

I couldn't remember clearly what happened in Kindergarten, but we were classmates, and we were somehow close. One of the reason should be her sister and mine were…

The Post of Solemnity (4) - Public Security Issue and Corruption

This one, it is all about stories. Mine and my sister's.

***   *** (1)

2007, I was working at Section 19 PJ, and I stayed with my second sister and her colleagues in SS2 PJ. On 2nd April 2007, Monday, I had my usual Monday night badminton at SRGC, and we decided to have an 'unusual' supper afterwards - unusual as we never had supper after badminton after we shifted to this court to play. So, I was back home a little later than usual.

Back then, we had a dog named Holiday. I got home, drove my car into the house, DID NOT close the gate first, instead, filling up the dog's water bowl. Suddenly a car stopped in front of the gate, a guy came down, holding a parang, intended to rob me. My mind went wild, my badminton bag along with my purse and newly-collected badminton funds around RM400 was in the car's back boot, my house was pitch dark as well as the neighbors, and I decided to... shout.

Fortunately, the thief was allegedly the first timer, he panicked, asked me to…

The Post of Solemnity (3) - Single Stream Education System?

As I was chatting with dad about the politics and current issues, it struck me hard when he said about single stream education system, proposed by many. Then I remembered the issue when Sekolah Menengah Perlis here has some issues about the principal or something. Then I think to myself:"Seriously? Are you (not my dad) kidding me? How on earth do you (not my dad) think messing with our current education system gonna do you (not my dad) any good?!"

As an introduction (copied from here), our multi-stream educational system is found only in Malaysia. Our present system of education - multi stream, Bahasa Melayu, English, Tamil and Chinese - stream system has been adopted by our Founding Fathers, introducing an education system which was uniform and catered for the interests of our multi-racial country.

Then, there came this statement from Dr. CD Chua's blog: It is very simplistic to think that a single stream of education system will ensure racial interaction, harmony and u…

The Post of Solemnity (2) - Kelantan under PAS ruling

This time, no more 'pork' talk. Let's talk about some land issues.

Deep inside my heart, way before the election, when anyone ask me:"Do you think BN can take over Kelantan this time?",  my answer would be:"No. Not in 2008, not now, and I don't think it's gonna happen for a long long time."

PAS has been 'feared' by many because of its very strong Islamic touches of everything. The media, the ones under BN-UMNO's control, has been reporting how underdeveloped Kelantan is under PAS ruling; the propaganda was so overwhelming, people from other states would think we live on trees or in a cave or something.

I was asked about the property purchase in Kelantan that I was clueless of. On the day I drove back to Kelantan from Perlis, I had a nice chat with dad to gain some knowledge about that matter.

PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party), like any other political party, is established to protect the welfare and benefits of its own kind - the Mus…

A Post of Solemnity (1) - GE13 and why the rage


... I voted twice.

I did my part in the morning. For some unknown reason, I remained at SK Padang Garong, same place as the previous election, but the other LIM sisters were at some other school at Lundang area. While the parents argued about the exact location of the school and dad fetched them, I went to my location myself by motor.

I was pretty nervous and felt very lonely when I got there. I queued up lonely to check my saluran, even told off an uncle who wanted to check for himself or his friend. My saluran was at the most end of the school. While all the other salurans were so full of people, mine was empty! The whole process took my less than ten minutes. WhatsApp-ed the sisters and bf, and off I went to cruise around town.

At the afternoon, mom decided to took grandma to vote. Her location was at Chetok, about 45 minutes driving distance from the town. As compared to the town's election atmosphere, the village was indeed more serene and chaos-free. Since grandm…