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Wonder Baby - Nobody

Having to rush not-more-than-60-pages LI report to be finished within the CNY week, I am srsly tensed. Therefore, I surf around youtube to look for some entertainment. Gosh it never disappoint me! =)

Wonder Girls is a Korean girl band and their new hit song Nobody. This is a show called 'Star King', something like a show showing off talents to eliminate another competitor like that lar... And this is srsly kiut!

Many stories in 1

1. Donated blood on 19th.

Actually I planned to do so since the beginning of my LI at HKB lah, but so many obstacles here and there, finally the plan dragged until that particular Monday.

It was a shun bian plan in conjuction with sending batteries to blood bank. Since I already made all the haul way to BB (Really! From Radicare to BB is really a long way), might proceed with my plan instead loh~

I met with Er Jie's friend there. He was sent to that unit for the first day for training or something like that.

To my honour, I was cucuk-ed by him.

And THANK GOODNESS his skill is good! So my bloody journey went on smoothly.

So in return, HKB's BB thanked me for my blood by giving me free food! Milo, half boiled egg, cakes and towel!

Which might earn a 'CHEH~' by others... (already earned by Lim Tino anyway)

2. Went to KL for the application of China Visa on 20th.

The visa department is at Plaza OSK, opposite MCA. We went there early, so we went for breakfast, sambil-sambil itu read…

Cari Pasal

One part of my brain that responsible in logical thinking should have gone hair-wirely wrong liao...

For the past few days, raining strikes in KayBee again after few days of extreme hot weather.

As you know, rainy days mean more people will drive cars, and that means more car on the road, which equivalent to loaded traffic on the road! Argh I hate jam in KayBee! Especially those critical jamming spots from my house to hospital.

So, instead of staying dry by driving car, I chose to ride motor to work. Siao hor?

The wind don't come with the rain, so the rain isn't that heavy which will blow people away and wet a person thoroughly. SO! Riding motor not only will not make me wet so badly, I spent approx 15 minutes in the journey instead of the hell traffic jams!

So, am I cari pasal anot?

Latihan Industri (7)

After few 感触 posts, I should write something cheery liao~~

It's been 7 weeks since I started my LI aka internship in Radibems HKB on 1st Dec 2008. 3 more weeks and I'll depart to XinJiang. Geez how fast the time flies~

It's been a very wonderful experience I gained with the kisiao funneh staffs in Radibems all this while, and I never have enough of everything yet!

Sometimes, I felt lost and uneasy when I think about finishing this internship early and leaving this country.

Well first of all, HKB is definitely much much more better than HUSM if you want me to compare the difference between LI-ing in HKB and HUSM. At least the staffs here treated you as a trainee who wants to learn everything instead of treating you as a girl~ There's sex discrimination in HUSM you know!? (At least it was during I LI-ed there last time).

Secondly, I never stay so away from my home, so away from Malaysia, not for this long. Geez I am so not an independent person.

For the past 2 weeks, I've …







窄小的乡村路,树木林形成的小roundabout和小三岔口,和一辆steering很重的Nissan Sunny,让我们在学车期间帮了一大忙。


It will never be the same again



Lim Tino, 还是等你过年回来再说吧~








Latihan Industri (6) - wad sakit jiwa

This would be one of the most adventurous tour I have ever been to in my whole life (until now).

Fuyoh nightmare!!!

When En Azmi asked me whether to follow him to the famous berek 12 for defib PPM, I was excited as usual. That time, I was in dilemma actually, because En Shaidin ajak me to go to the forensic with him to pass some forms, I was excited about that too! But since it's just passing forms and stuff, I decided to follow En Azmi instead.

At first, I was expecting to meet some 自闭 patients, sitting at the corner staring at the wall or ceiling or sky and termenung.

When I really met them, I was in a complete shock. +.+

Not only they are NOT termenung AT ALL, they are a group of extremely talkative people! And one crucial point is that: they look like they are completely normal; except they show their true color when they start to talk.

The first ward I entered was the female ward. En Azmi took us to the 'visitor area'. They are kept behind iron bars, in a spacious yard, wit…