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嗨~大家好!我叫黄智菱 ^^

Getawat to Cambodia (15 - 19 June): Part 2 - Siem Reap


Day 3: Mr. Phnom arranged a minivan to send us to catch the bus to Siem Reap at 7am. The bus ride from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap takes 6 hours, but it is nothing when you are with another chatty box and you both have a big library of conversation topics! :) Yung and LCC were seriously beh tahan with us as we literally talked for 6 hours straight.

Our Siem Reap tour guide, Ling fetched us from the SR bus station when we reached at 2pm local time. I was hungry to the max! We first went for lunch, then to the following places:

1) Wat Bo

Wat Bo is one of the oldest temples in Siem Reap, but not the largest. The majority parts of the temple look old and under construction, and this temple is built and developed based on solely donation and charity funding. Since the main attraction, the prayer hall, was locked to prevent theft, we stayed there for a short period of time.

2) Les Artisan D' Angkor

The establishment of this handicraft center is a collaboration between Cambodia and Franc…

Getaway to Cambodia (15 - 19 June): Part 1 - Phnom Penh

Don't think I'm gonna get the pictures from the 'DSLR' any sooner, might as well write a thought post first before I forget the details of the trip by the time I have the pictures... add some 'pathetic' pictures from my Samsung Champ in this post though...

First off, I wouldn't call this trip an 'exploration' or 'expedition' or 'adventure' etc. 'Getaway' would be a better choice of word since we signed up a tour package and everything was arranged from beginning til end.

The travel mates are Michelle, Yung and Tongyam aka LCC. Just as expected, although it's the first meeting between Michelle and I, we became so close, LCC and Yung totally beh tahan with our non-stop chat LOL!

The flight to Phnom Penh was scheduled at 6.35am. Got a room at tune hotel to overnight and prepare for the early flight. 4 big kids in the Tune Hotel room was totally jam-packed. Flight was on time, everything started off smoothly unti…

Suits (Update)

Cooling down, after blurting...

This post was actually written last week, but the context would literally return back to talk about how good is the series, so I decided to change course: talking about the series.

Currently, I have been seriously addicted to the series - Suits. This legal drama combination of Harvey and Mike is something like White Collar's Neal and Peter, just that Neal is way more cunning and witty, while Mike is emotional, naive and soft. Lighter than The Good Wife, just nice for entertainment wise.

Why do I always have the feeling that the people in IMDB takes everything so seriously?

There's a statement I like the most in this series, spoken by two persons in almost the same episode (if I'm not mistaken) - Anchor.

Mike has this friend, Trevor, who talked him into cheating in test and weed dealing. Mike almost got busted in the pilot episode, and that's when he met his 'saviour', Harvey (and Donna, indirectly...)

Both Harvey and Mike's grandmo…





要说发脾气,其实我也只是跟一个人发。其他人嘛,我的声量是比较高而已。That's all. 柜台的两个女孩很无辜,我知道不是她们的错,也一而再,再而三地告诉自己别靠近柜台,可是,到最后关头,我还是发泄了(我也只是提高声量而已)虚伪。















最遗憾的,就是得缺席芯妤的婚宴 :(



WORST Bus Experience with Transnational, EVER!!

Once again, Transnasional has failed me. THe WORST!!

I have been waiting for quite sometime to return to KB for my secondary school besties, Shin Yee's wedding, especially after seeing and having a lunch with her in Penang and viewing her pre-wedding photos. It's just so excited that one of my buddies is getting married! Bought the bus ticket 2 weeks ago, naively decided to give Trans one more chance to remedy their past failure.
Obviously, not only they don't learn from their mistakes and improve their service, they made it even worse!

The bus was scheduled at 9pm on 31st May 2012. I was there 30 minutes earlier, along with some other passengers. When the bus was nowhere in sight at 10pm, my friend made the first inquiry about the status of the bus, where she was told the bus had broken down somewhere in Jitra or Changlun and they've been waiting for the mechanics to fix it. I had this bad feeling that what had happened on my last trip with Trans would replay all over…