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Birthday wish post

*Happy Birthday to Adik aka Noor Aqma*

Today is Adik's birthday and Malay's last puasa day too! Tomorrow they will celebrate their Hari Raya!!

Adik, Hird and I can consider as our class's pelajar bermasalah... Haiz...

Because we are too dare to ask the lecturers stooopid questions!!! Wakakakka!

Adik, if you are seeing this, I wish you selalu gembira, selalu jelita, selalu comel, belajar baik2, and most of all Selamat Hari Raya!!! =)

Balik Kampung

At 1.30am on Friday, I together with 4 friends (As, Amy, Zik and Saiful) baliked kampung by my DAW. We planned to convoi with another car, but due to some circumstances, we departed first.

It's my first time driving long journey in midnight. It's tiring yet adventurous!

When we're on the way to Alor Star, I ran away one rat and one snake -___-

Along this long journey, there were a lot of road blocks, guarded by the polices and JPJ people. There was this one road block made us super frustrated and BS. When that officer (I'm not sure he is a police or soldier or JPJ people as we can recognise his uniform) stopped us and ask us things, waliao super impolite neh!!! Here goes the conversation:

He: Nak pergi mana lewat2 malam ni?
Us: Balik kampung encik.
He: Balik mana?
Us: Kelantan.
He: Tau lah Kelantan! (with a supreme BS and palia facial expression) Kelantan mana?
Us: ... ... ... *speechless* Kota Bharu.
He: OK. Bergerak.

Waliao we mana tau YOU actually know the districts in Kelanta…









总算把戏看完了!好笑的是,在看前面几集的时候,我在房间里看戏开speaker。在出房间的时候,室友看到我就会问一句:"Lim, u tengok ape crite, bisingnyer crite tu"


我在想,还好这个剧本是由香港来制作。如果这个剧本落在台湾手上,他们不搞个千五两千集也不会善罢甘休吧 -_-

'Belated' Birthday Wish Post

*Happy Birthday To Wani*

I wished her ady on that important day 18th Sept, and I promised to dedicate a special post to her in my blog, and 'accidently' I termakan my promise. Oops. So here I am, postponed two days




I wish my dear Wani will be always happy; grab anugerah dekan; apa2 yang diinginkan, dapat tercapai; sihat selalu; senyum selalu; kecil tak kisah, comel mah!!! I just realised that I don't have any picture taken together with her! Aiks... Must take pictures liao...



















店面的人敢这么做还算得过。曾经遇过pasar malam摊子的老板也是如此。(难道他们都忘了自己是一个星期后才会倒回来摆摊的吗?*流汗*)



The Chronicle of Creative Zen Micro - 3

Last week, I planned to bring my Micro along with me to Taekwando, so I slipped that fella into my bag.

Accidently, I slipped it too deep, and it got 'tangled' with the blue and green belt inside my bag, which I couldn't find it all the way from Kampung Wai to Wang Ulu.

That time, I thought:"Well, what the heck. Maybe I don't put in inside the bag afterall leh."

Then, when I was pulling out the green belt, something flew out. It's the Micro.

Accidently, I 'threw' it out and smacked down.

AH!!! Oh NO!!!

My thought of what will gonna happen came true..... again.....

It freezes at the Creative display (again) and got that 'zi zi zi zi' sound from inside it (again)

OMG I was so sad! And this time I'm not gonna pay a cent to fix it.

So this morning, I googled for solution.

And I found this: "step 1- hold Micro in less dominant hand. step 2- with dominant hand, hit Micro on side---hard. Problem SHOULD be fixed!" It REALY works!!"

I tried…

Birthday wish post

1. *Happy Birthday to 洁士敏*

The day when America 911 happened, Jasmine and her parents invited Shien and I for a dinner at Wakaf Bharu ^^

This year is our 11st friendshipesary. Hope you at Queensland, Aussie always be hua hua hee hee, peng peng an an, soon soon li li, tan tua lui....... =)

2. *Happy Birthday to Oh-Leng-Gie*

I knew this fella in German class, but I've heard his BIG NAME many times from KarLin and PeiSia. I don't think he knows my blog's existance, anyway, this wish is to him, and I managed to wish him as we bumped into him and 雄俊 in the crossroad of muhibah and dragon.

Random pictar time:
I was at Hospital Kangar with friend to fetch a friend who was discharged this afternoon. While we waited for her to settle her bills, I saw this.

Wow!! Charges for warganegara asing is 3 or 4 or 5 times more than warganegara Malaysia leh... Dengz~ I must pray hard not to get sick when in overseas =(



Ich bin ein wenig gelber Bär. Ich wurde von den Vater von Huey Nee gekauft.
I am a little yellow bear. I was purchased by Huey Nee's father.

Mein Eigentümer Huey Nee hat mich zu ihrem Daumenantrieb befestigt.
My owner Huey Nee attached me to her thumb drive.

Sie hat immer mich außerhalb des Bleistiftskastens gestellt. Ich frage mich warum.
She always put me outside the pencil box. I wonder why.

So manchmal bin ich in geschlichen.
So, sometimes, I sneaked in.

Und, manchmal, Ich bin geschlichen so indem ich spionieren prüfen muss wenn wird Huey Nee erscheint.
And, sometimes, I sneaked so in that I need to spy to check when will Huey Nee appear.


OK lah I admit I just copy-pasta to and fro So I'm not really sure whether the whole deutsch version's story is understandable anot. Aber still, I understand some of the words though. Anyway. I'll try to do it myself next time.

Another random pictar time:

Es war einmal dies
It was once this.

Jetzt ist es di…


英文"Monday Blues"直接的翻译。




















Die Nine-Lives Katze

Die Katze is The Cat in deutsch aka German.

Alrite back to the story. After seeing the dentist, I went to have lunch and walking around to buy newspapers since Cik Hirdanna was waiting her turn to see the doctor (she had a long wait too... Duh...).

When I bought the paper new The Store's KFC and about to walk back to the clinic, I heard a loud cat's cry, a car was reversing and eventually the tires were running over it. :o

Sound terrible right?

I was so shocked and stunted when I saw that. It was like you were laying on the ground, and a car's front tire ran over your waist when reversing. Yike!

Well, luckily and amazingly, the cat didn't die. There's this other cat (I think they are siblings coz they look alike) standing just a few feet away from the victim, but it didn't do anything to help or assist the poor cat.

I watched the cat stood up and tried to take a few steps, but it seemed like his back legs are disoriented and its waist could not support his legs' …

Dentist day

Lately my teeth have swollen bit-bit, pain bit-bit and itchy bit-bit, so today I went to Klinik Pergigian Kian at Kangar to check my teeth.

When I went there, the clinic seemed quite empty (only 2-3 people around), so I thought I won't be waiting so long...

mana tau.....

I waited for about 2 hours!!! When it was finally my turn, the nurse called me in. After some checking, the dentist said my teeth is ok, but just a lil dirty, need to be cleaned, or in specific term 'Scaling'.

But then before he started his work, he told me:"Will bleed bit bit nah..."

Bleed = very bloody painful

Dengz he didn't expect I never do scaling before izzit? Apasai mention that to scare me!?

So there he goes, with the machinery and tools, he raped my teeth. Well, it was not that painful as I thought, but the water almost make me choke, and the 'yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' and 'tzzzzzzzzzzz' sound were so creepy and loud. AH I hate that sound! Summore the dentist kept on talking t…


Today, we had another 'fake' lecture time.

This time, it's En Yusof's turn.

Well, it didn't seem THAT fake, only that he seemed 'a little bit' VERY nervous, so his ke-kerek-an has gone for awhile.

He lost his words, his tongue got twisted bit-bit, but overall, fun also lah...

This time, the lecturer who was 'observing' him is Prof Shazali (I hope the spelling is correct). Juju said he is very good (not sure in which terms). He was the our school's (PPK Mechatronic's) ex dekan, but he surely seem nicer and kind-er than the son of Adom. =)

The lecture today was about Isolated Power System in the hospital. One of the systems used is LIM, Line Isolation Monitor.

In fact, my name is all over the system.

See for yourselves

Note the 'LIM' at the right side, and H and N at the left side.

So this system shows that how important I am in hospital!!!



Super beh tahan this Si-Ai-Bin fella again

So, w…


Last saturday we have this Ceramah Etika & Latihan blahblahblah thingy at Bangunan KWSP. The speakers were people from Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia. As our VC Datuk K was coming to merasmikan this ceramah, we were asked to wear formal attire. So everyone was so formal that day, excluding this 'particular' lecturer (those who were there will know who am I talking about huh?)

I was wearing the baju kurung I wear for the third or fourth time. Everyone was so surprise coz they never see me this way, everyone was praising me, I was so adorable that day.

Adui! Super beh tahan this Si-Ai-Bin fella started to Hao Lian again! Someone please whack her head!

VC came around 12 noon, and gave us a 'simple' speech. He said about organizing a trip for us to a Uni in Bangkok for a visit, asked us to contribute bit-bit and Uni will help contribute bit-bit to make this plan worked!

I so hope his word boleh pakai one, not just another empty cheque...

When VC was giving his speech, I wa …


I first knew this chocolate through a friend, Siew Wai, one of the famous twin sisters in our school, around form 2 or 3 (I think >.<). I forgot how we jumped into this chocolate topic, it just happen like that. Then I went to The Store A&W to buy this chocolate. Gosh it was pricey! And it is even more expensive now! >.<

Out of sudden, the chocolate was not available in the supermarket anymore. I searched it around the supermarkets in KB, but found none. This made me sad for a short period of time. I tried to replace its top ranking in my Hall-Of-Chocolate-Fame with Ferrero Rocher, but... Nah... It still the best.

Until few years back, I found this fella in the airport's free duty zone, the price is even more pricey than before. So whenever anyone going to airport, who will pass through the free duty area, I'll tumpang them to buy it for me. Even Pengkalan Kubor, Rantau Panjang and Padang Besar also hardly got the stocks leh... Adui...

Last weekend, I went to one-…