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三天两夜 霹雳太平 生日旅记


跟宏宏小抱怨了一下 -- 我们刚在一起的我的第一个生日,住了刚新开张的酒店,在豪华酒店E&O吃自助晚餐 -- 现在,就酱!去一个小地方,住在一个整层楼共用两间浴室的旅馆!
而且在某一次我还忘了他为我烘焙的那个生日蛋糕!记得的竟然是我妹!那一天把他气死了!虽然那个情景回想起来蛮好笑的~~~ 我们算是打平啦~~
我们住在宏宏很常住的 Sojourn Beds & Cafe,位于 Jalan Kota。

1) 新板华顺烟花炒粿条
地点:Jalan Besar, Jalan Simpang, 34000 Taiping, Perak. (McD drive-thru 对面) 营业时间:拜一到拜六 7pm - 12am 售完为止

一开始宏给我看照片的时候,我还以为这个地方的特色就是那个烟花,食物不怎么样。可是,不是也,很好吃耶!Sorry uncle....

3D2N Taiping Birthday Getaway

Hiiiiii youuuuuu *muaks* *muaks* *muaks*

Had a birthday getaway to Taiping, Perak, with Hon.

Took the komuter from Arau to Taiping is such a breeze - although I need to interchange at Bukit Mertajam station. It took me 3 hours and RM14.10 to get there.

I made a tad complaint about my birthday when we first started dating was staying at a new (refurbished) hotel and a dinner buffet at E&O Hotel, and now THIS - just a getaway to some town and sleeps in a hostel (we took private room lah) with shared toilets!

"Well, this happens when we are together for so long".

Yeah true also. And I sort of forgot about the birthday cake he baked during that 'extravagant' birthday (and Chen remembered hahaha!!! That moment was so funny although I broke Hon's heart :p ), so we are even lah~

We stayed at Hon's 'usual place' - Sojourn Beds & Cafe at Jalan Kota.

Both of us have a fondness for Taiping, be it the food, the price of the food, the scenery etc.

For my …