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Negeri Sembilan - Jeram Toi & The Shorea

Last weekend, Hon had a BBKZ (bei bao ke zhan - Backpackers Club) gathering/staycation at The Shorea, Negeri Sembilan. One friend couldn't make it so I kinda took her place last minute. Yup, I wasn't involved in the first place, and I was a little regret of joining.

We reached Seremban at 10.30am and had our brunch at Yi Poh Restaurant (Jalan Seng Meng Lee, Seremban). 

Yi Poh Restaurant is famous of their lou shu fun (literal translate: rat noodle). So I ordered one.

< 24 Hours in Taiping

After I thought about it, yeah we stayed less than 24 hours in Taiping, but I love this place!

For so many times Hon told me he likes this place, small town, breathtaking sceneries, fresh air, he even thinks about staying here after retirement!

He has been telling me over and over about taking me to visit Taiping and stay at his favorite place - Sentosa Villa, and we finally did... ... ...

... ... ...the first one.

The resort was fully booked, and it had been so since the first time we discussed about coming here, about a month ago! So popular I'm not sure when do I have the chance to stay here.

Culture shock - I didn't know Taiping is Hokkien major! Feel kinda warm when I'm able to converse Hokkien with locals :)



我们入住太平湖边的 Flemington 酒店,RM178/晚,面向湖泊。

Mini Princess Peeling Foot Mask

THIS! Big time love!

Pandai, didn't take 'before' picture. And, warning, icky foot pictures ahead!

Foldie Ride 15.64km + 38.83km at Perlis

Should I take down the on leave notice? Sounds like a nonsense now since I write so many posts afterwards LOL!


It's kind of rare that I spend weekend at Perlis nowadays, and weekend is the only chance I get to use my foldie. Why not weekdays? 1) Weekdays need to wear long pants/jeans, cycling to lab will hot die; 2) big bag small bag, no place to put; 3) activities after lab hour...

Yikes! Only realized I never take any pictures of my foldie!! Sorry babe...

So, yesterday, I suddenly had this mood of wanting to cycle around town (maybe a little farther since I always cycle with my foldie for lunch and groceries shopping only, very near +-1 km distance nia, and I'm not sure if the foldie can tahan long distance... Too many concerns). And because I woke up early. And because I want to try the Endomondo app to see how it works. And because I don't want to test the app with running (Actually I did try the fitness test, but I had ankle cramp in 1km of running, sien max)…

The Incredible Pen

Prelude: Donno why, after I wrote the on leave notice, the more I want to write! Sei mou?? But everything gonna be very short lah, just for the sake of writing and get that writing idea out of my head.... Excuses excuses!! 

I want to talk about this particular pen.

Before I continue, let me ask you one thing: How long do you replace your pen/How long does your pen's ink last? 3 months? 6 months? 9 months the best?

Jasmine is in Town!

Oh yeah, before the on leave thing, Jas is back in town!! :)

For me, it should be a 'was' coz I only got to see her two nights, and this time, no K time! :( Sad max.

I had already the flight tic to KL that weekend when she messaged about her coming back to Malaysia. Thrilled with excitement!!

We had a girls' night and chit chat whole night long after Jas tucked K in bed, had to excuse herself few times as K woke up in the middle of her sleep for her mom. We had such a crazy chatty night, let all our skeletons out of the closet, and dammit now I'm afraid they gonna blackmail me someday for my past!!

LOL kidding :p

We had another gathering the next day with the BFs (except Rui, his turn to babysit) at Sunway's Station One as Jas was staying at the Sunway Resort. Catching up with the boys were fun!

Oh dear I miss you already Jas oi!!

'On Leave' Notice

I hope someone out there is concern about my blog, and if there is, here's an announcement for you...
I need to take a break on my blog for now, as I have my PhD research to focus on. 
Had a 'hati ke hati' discussion with my supervisor, and, he, as kind and gentle as usual, earnestly urging and advising me to seriously focus on my project and not to waste any more time. I admit I have wasted almost 2 years during this lonely postgraduate journey and it really needs to stop now.
We had plans lay out for the next few months, and based on the new gantt chart, I should be busy doing my work starting tonight, but here I am, writing this so-called announcement that few people would care. LOL. 
Prof was soft spoken the whole discussion, even when filling up my progress report. He kind of like a psychic who can read through my mind and sees through all my weakness and concern and stuff! So no point cheating him pun...
Told Hon about this, and he said to start writing on publicatio…

Makan Trip: Malacca + Muar Johor


1) 486 Baba Low, Jalan Tengkera

The variation of food was not wide, Laksa - Mee Siam - Nasi Lemak - Popiah - Paitee - period.

I in-charge of taking the seat and Hon went to order the meal at counter. When he walked back, an aunty whose husband sitting next to our table walked back too, and said to the husband:"Yeeer they are very rude! Have to wait half an hour summore!!"

马六甲+麻坡 觅食记


*其实这趟觅食记是在七号就发生了,可是因为是一场‘骗局’,所以得延后好久才publish post。

早早地,七点半就出门了。南北大道从大概过了UPM不久开始大排长龙,车辆有一下没一下地走,原来是kepochi jam -_- 南下车道车祸。