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(Pleasant) Trip Around North 3 - Around Perlis


We walked in to get a room at the Tasoh Lake Resort & Retreat only to know that, it's vacant. The receptionist gave us the room where it is located at the end of the road. Luckily we could park our car next to the chalet!

As compared to our previous night's stay on Jerai, Tasoh's resort was disappointing, as well as the view. 落差太大! The floor was sticky as if it doesn't been mopped for ages; the water from the shower was VERY slow and the heater was malfunctioned; there's no floor towel/mat; the batteries for the air-cond remote controller was dead; worst part, the view was blocked by few trees so we couldn't get the full panoramic view of the lake. The floor was so sticky, I need to use the resort towel to wipe the floor (swirling the towel around using legs, no way I'm gonna bend down and wipe the floor like Cinderella), to at least be able to walk in the room without tiptoeing.

Brought him to Hai Tien, the 'renowned' seaside restaurant…

(Pleasant) Trip Around North 2 - Lembah Bujang, Jeti Semeling


After we had our breakfast, walked around the Regency resort, couldn't stop repeating "We'll come back again!!", we checked out at around noon and drove downhill. Hon, being a very VERY flexible and Free-n-Easy traveler, and me, being a clueless guide,we sorted to visit the Lembah Bujang Archeological Museum at Yan, about 20 minutes driving distance from Jerai foot hill.

We drove on K144 and K1 road across Yan. It wasn't too hard to find our way, thanks to the gracious GPS, and the view was irresistibly yummy! Gunung Jerai as the backdrop with vast greenly paddy field, awesome! I had to keep it to myself most of the time as everytime I was amazed (you know how is it like when I am amazed), it would distract the driver and his eyes would be removed from the road to the view, so BIG no no.

Arriving at the valley, it looked deserted and quiet, so we got a little confused. Seeing our confusion, a staff or gardener told us the gallery was closed due to black-o…

(Pleasant) Trip Around North 1 - Gunung Jerai

DAMMIT!! Blogger ate my post! Argh!!

The travel mate this time is Hon, a sweet plus-sized teddy and he is mine! Most of the friends who know about us think that it is so quick of me to jump from a relationship to another, but well, when you are looking for a float on the ocean and you find yourselves a big luxury yacht, you know you MUST grab it! LOL! Although he deserves a special post in my blog, I don't want certain people to snoop around my life, so if you are curious about him/us, you know how to reach me *wink*

He started his journey up north at 9.30pm driving, stopped at few RnR to sleep and shower, and showed up at my place at 9am. We had our breakfast at Kangar, and off we went to Gunung Jerai.

We checked in The Regency Jerai Hill Resort, the one and only resort of top of the hill. He booked the cheapest chalet (cheap being the price, not 'cheap' cheap) yet our balcony view is superb and awesoooome! It has an open and blocking-free panoramic view of the paddy fiel…

Kuching Trip Summary

It's been two weeks, and I've been struggling about writing a blog about it (very rare) because somewhere deep inside me is fighting the will of not writing as I'm not thoroughly wanted to. Reason being - personal and human reason.

In fact, I have been drafting and deleting and drafting and deleting again so many times, as comparable to my struggle of writing an academic journal paper, I finally decided to let go of writing a detailed one and simply provide a summary of the trip.

We went to Kuching on 29th June til 2 July for a simple getaway. We being me, my two housemates Long and Jessica, Liu, my former housemate Ai Ling, and her cousin Li Ling.

Being a local, Long has been nothing but an awesome host, including his parents. On the first night, Ai Ling and me stayed up until almost 1AM, listening to his mother's stories.

The trip can be divided into two main genre: food and places to visit.


For god-knows-how-many-times Long has been mentioning how different K…





说付出就付出,说放下就放下,完全没take two的意思;

最近很不顺心啊~ 周遭人事物都似乎在找我的渣,很累。