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3 movies in 3 days!! *woot*

I went to KL on Friday morning as promised.

On that particular night, we went to Summit USJ for Hancock. Gosh it was so great! And just as what I thought, his name is really 'John Hancock' :D Summore we got a nice seats and no one was sitting beside me, so it was like watching movie in my own house. Wakakakka! But what happened next is so unfortunate and miserable :(

When the show 'seemed' to finish and the list of names starting to scroll up, I asked LCC not to go out first as the lights were not totally on yet, means there's still something going on afterwards, so I didn't bother to stand up anyway. And YES I'm so totally right! It continued with the 'AllHeart' thing for about a minute or two and THE END! And I straight away stood up and didn't even bother to check my belongings first! And something sueisiao eventually happened...

The next day, 'only' then I found out that my wallet was not in the place that it …

New Semester has started....(5)

...And I finally get to stay in this house for good! *finger crossed*

Actually, in my point of view, everything is still so crucial. It will only eventually put to an end when the 2nd intake is totally done (which is on 20th July), to see whether the room is actually a back-up room for 2nd-intake students anot. So my study desk is so messy with everything inside a big box and I don't dare to unpack yet, just in case anything happen again... Arghhhhhhhhhhh Life is so suxx!

Better talk about something happy...

I went to TKD on saturday night. We shared the same venue as Karate's. The dewan is quite huge so it wasn't so crowded (one of the main reasons is because not all attended mah... Left me the blue-stripe-r alone so cruel!!)

Quite a number of new students registered for TKD I. And as usual, we warmed up and do some simple kicking and punching, then divided into two groups:the seniors and the juniors.

I learned new pattern: Yul-Gok. Argh difficult, but fun coz in some of the s…

New Semester has started....(4)

...and i've finally moved to new house - KKB23.

This house is occupied by new students (I didn't get to know their course and who they are yet).

I was so phobia about moving again, my stuffs are all packed up in boxes and bags. Just hope and pray hard that I'll be staying here for good for this semester ba~~ *finger crossed*

My friend A is not that lucky. After moving for the fifth time, she was suddenly rejected by the residents of her new home. That really shocked me!

Night before this, after we attended the hostel perjumpaan, I followed A and B to A's new home to double confirm about the room that she'll be entering. There were some problems regarding that issue, but the final word was they agreed to have her in.

On the Friday, I moved in my new home silently (coz nobody was at home mah that time). And A will move later on. When I was cleaning up my things, I saw her and her 'new' housemates were walking back and forth the office, with a confused and miserabl…

New Semester has started....(3)

...and on Thursday my class started at 2pm.

I woke up around 10am. When I prepared to go out for lunch-searching, someone knocked on my door. I thought it’s those unfriendly gangster was to attack me, so when I open the door, the first sentence burst out from my mouth is:”Please lah… Stop chasing me out of this house. I know I shouldn’t stay here and to move to other house. I’ll do so soon…” and that girl stopped me: “Be patient please. Don’t worry, I’m not here to attack you. Bersabar… I’m not from that gang.”

Hah! What a big misunderstanding… paisehnyer…

She asked me to go to office with her to settle the hostel thingy, just she and I, settle once and for all. So I went.

I’m not very sure what is the problem of that girl, but I can confirm that the gangs of KKB20 & 21 are definitely the most villainous and furious one. Not only they furiously ‘attacked’ the office few times because of the hostel matter (not to mention, in groups, just like along want to ‘gong sou’), this issue is ra…

New Semester has started....(2)

.... And I am so upset about hostel thingy, I want to burst out my fire here.

I am being kicked out from my own house, KKB 21.

And the most crucial reason that I want to (AND I ABSOLUTELY HAVE THE RIGHT TO) shout those bastard down is because I am absolutely innocent in the scenario.
Things start off in the shit management of the hostel arrangment and the staff(s) who is/are incharge.

As usual, people will want the best for themselves. And for that reason, people tend to be selfish. EXTREMELY selfish.

That they think absolutely nothing but themselves.

Personally, I blamed the staff(s) for not being strict enough in this matter. Whenever students want to change room, they allowed; students want to change house to be with their member, they allowed; by switching names who didn't sign and take their keys yet with those who want to make all those changes.

My coursemate whose her and her housemate's name (Let's call them A and B) were under KKB 19-3 took their keys and started to do t…

New Semester has started....

... ...and old people like the dipS (count me in) are looking forward for holidays and LI edy~~~~

As I said before, before I leave home to come to Perlis, when I was at home registering my course's subject, I homesick dy...

And when daddy and I drove back to Perlis, and he went back home by bus that night, I felt like going along with him as well...

First night in a new hostel (change to different house, different housemates, no roomate coz I'm staying alone) is a miserable one, plus no laptop by my side, I was spending the night reading Lemony Snicket's and sleepless...

I felt like I'm totally in a solitary cell by myself! Sien~~

After this week, I hope things will get better la...

Got back my lappie edy!! Yay!! Luckily it still in warranty, so not a penny am I going to pay that shop!

Some updates on the new semester:
Since everything's price is hiking, we few girls decided that we would take more bus ride and less car ride this sem. And I'…

Joh ki's cooking time

Spending few minutes to install Insanaquarium for mummy first...

Since tomorrow is my grandfather's joh ki, we are preparing some of the food today such as prawn and hong bak.

Well, a bak ka (肉脚) like me help on chopping and slicing the onions, bawangs, carrots etc while mummy preparing the chicken and prawn and granny as the superior supervisor.

Mum asked me to gien pang (爆香) as one of the ingredients for the meat loafs. Granny and I rolling up the meat loaf with dao ghi pui (叫豆签皮吧 -_- ).

Main task came along. Mum asked me to cook hong bak while granny supervising. *wow*

I'm not very sure seeing this cuisine in other states (which makes it quite special... Wakakakka~) and this is one of the important cuisine in Kelantan. It is usually served during special occasion such as wedding and joh ki.

Preparing the dishes slightly simple. First gien pang, and put in octagon flower (I don't know the specific name sorry! -___-" I simply make that up myself. The other terms are 八角花 an…


Tonight I am sad.

My laptop corrupted.


One of the window32 file is missing or corrupt, so the laptop could not start. :(

Luckily it's still within warranty (20++ days left) :(

Yet, I am sad. To repair this kind of problem, does it necessary to re-format / re-delete / re-new everything and everything that I stored inside the pathetic lappie will be gone? :( Arghhhh, sad :( If it so, that means second year's notes, assignments, bunch of pictars and movies will be........ !! Arghhhh! sad :(

On 5pm I went to foh jiao hui to baibai (today is chu yi). And I chose the wrong route. Dengz~!! That @&^# route took me 30 minutes from my house to foh jiao hui leh! GGgggggrrrrrr! While stucking in the jammie, it reminded me of Sprint and Federal's jammie. Damn I hate jam!

Sad :(

Counting down to back to school


Will be leaving on saturday morning, after baibai (joh ki on saturday). When I was sms-ing with a uni friend about convoying back to perlis, I felt sad to leave home. Not even leaving yet and I already homesick lah~~~ aiyah~~~

I am kinda weird during this holiday. I don't wan to get out of the house (even if, it is to have lunch at my granma's place; so lazy that my mum even asked me why I didn't go out); I lazy to talk on the phone (so lazy that I upset a buddy of mine on the phone just to finish the conversation soon.. Oops...); Online just to watch youtube or movies or play games but not forum-ing...

And as the conclusion, it sounds like I'm having 自闭症. TeeHee~~~ *weird*

I registered for German class next semester!! Yay!!! Because Japanese class is always full when the registration started, and I not yet taking any option subject yet, so, I'm gonna study hard on German so I can write it down in my resume! Wakkakakak~ *hope so lah hah*

Last night m…