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Random Food Post

Friends who know me well, know that I always craving for food, and I am a food maniac, and I always hungry.

Now, in XJ, things don't go any better or any worse.

Just scared of starving myself, there's a lot of food in front of me. Most of them are listed in 'JUNK FOOD' list.

One of the favourite drinks of XJ people is yogurt drinks. Unlike the ones sold in Malaysia, yogurt drinks here are much more tastier and thicker, and it is good to drink after meal, it helps the digestion. However, there's none in the picture, I didn't buy any recently -____-

As you can see, you might find this series of drinks quite familiar, as it is quite similar to the drinks sold in Malaysia. Well, it is, and it isn't.

Few years back, a friend who went to Beijing for business trip told me that he couldn't find 100 plus or any similar drinks at Beijing. Well, that shocked me, and it still shocked me now. Luckily I don't catch a cold or fever or anything like that, or else what s…

Shui Mo Gou (水磨沟) + Karaoke


1. Last Tuesday, we went to 水磨沟 (Shui Mo Gou) with the first year Tourism students.

It is a park and/or garden, with trees and temple and statues and stream etc. It's not really an appropriate time to go right now, as the trees are still yellowish-ly dull and no leaves, the grass is yellowish-ly dry, and the road is wet due to the melting snow. All that means: The park/garden aint that beautiful lah~

Anyway, the leaves-less trees are a perfect scene for me to act ghost.

There is one temple at the middle part of the mountain. For the first time in the month, I get the chance to 拜拜. However, I have no small changes, so I cannot give any 香油钱 to the temple.

In front of the temple is a stream with a lot of golden, yellow and orange baby koi!

Then we headed back to school by bus. It is almost 10++ stops before we can reach school.

2. Last Thursday, we had our first Karaoke session with 刘靖.

The Karaoke we went to is called 卡拉拉. Unlike Redbox and Neway in Malaysia, they don't charge pe…










Last Thursday, snow suddenly strike XJ again! This time, the snow was even heavier than the previous one, a HUGE one! So, this time, we thought it's a sign or hint from god, a hint that we MUST go skiing! no matter what!

We started to plan for another trip to the ski resort for the weekend, assisted by 刘靖 and 张老师.

It turned out to be disappointed. Due to the warmer weather now, the ski resorts are closing up already! Argh!!!

So, the weekend ended up sight-seeing and shopping around Urumqi town centre. Again. It was our countless time wandering around Urumqi town centre.

On Saturday, we went to 南门 (Nan Men). It just a block or two from 百花村 (Bai Hua Cun, the place where looks alike Lowyat Plaza). It's an underground bazaar, where you can find clothes, shoes, 精品店 etc there. That day, I was very 乖! I didn't spend the money elsewhere but on food the transport only! Haha!

However, the next day ain't that 乖 already. We went to 新疆第一盘 again to have our 大盘鸡 (promotion on every Sunday…

CSI Season 9

Warrick is dead. Grissom is leaving. What's next?

Stay tuned

Silk Road International Ski Resort

Today, 马主任 and 范主任 organized an outing - to Silk Road International Ski Resort.

There's 11 adults and 1 child in this group. We went there by 面包车 aka Naza-Ria type of car. (they call it bread car as it looks like bread =.=)

The journey to the venue was torturing. Bumpy and uneven road, it got worse plus my aint-so-good condition (I had a diarrhea last night). I was so afraid I was gonna puke, and luckily I didn't.

The adults couldn't remember the route, so we went through a huge round of road, passing through few small villages, took us about 2 hours to reach the destination. Argh! But the scenery is splendid!

Finally, we arrived the place at around 1pm. Actually from the outside, it's hard for us to see what's going on inside the ski resort.

This is what we saw first, when entering the ski zone.

They have sled Husky!

Husky is always the awesome, handsome and cool dog. The fur is great! And they don't bite! How cool is that~

When I first saw people skiing around the pl…

Something Random

In China, when someone is praising you or saying something good about you, 'Thank you' is not an appropriate answer, instead, you should say '哪里哪里'. For example:

China people: 你的汉语说得很好。 / 你的汉字写得很好。
Me: 谢谢哪里哪里 =)

We encountered a lot of situations regarding this matter. Not only the students, even the teachers feel funny about our respond. Well, they might think Malaysians are very hao lian and not being humble kot. We still learning our lesson.

Well, just now when I was doing my BIG business in the loo, this thing came across my mind. If a China people praising me in Mandarin, I should say '哪里哪里'. What if he/she praising me using English?

China people: Your mandarin is very good.
Me: Where Where =)


After I finished my business, I shared my lame joke with Poh Choo. Apparently, not only she found the joke is super lame, the most beh-tahan part is that I shared this thing with her hot-n-fresh from the loo. Haha!


Last night, we had a dinner with sekalian 主任们. The time was at 7.30pm.

When we waited for 范主任, we were joking about the venue as he didn't tell me anything about the place to eat earlier. What we had in mind were:"Will it be only at canteen!?","Do we have to walk only?","Do we have to go there by car?","What if he just say 走!?"... ... ...

When he finally arrived, there's no car, no other people, just him alone, and he really said 走!! =.=" Summore, he added up:"It's really near, just a walking distance. Why you guys taking bags and stuffs?" Oh No not again??

Of course 人家 not that cruel lah... The venue was at here (see the figures below).

As people said, XJ people is very 豪迈 and 大气, so they like to order a list of foods to full up the whole table, drink alcohols, then when they are full, just sweep the ass and cabut, regardless how much the leftovers are. =.=" Really Bad attitude

There were 9 people attending this dinne…

Chai Ching's Birthday + Steamboat

It was Chai Ching's birthday last Sunday in conjuction with the ‘三八’妇女节。Here, they celebrated this day as a serious business. Some large deparmental stores or shops will have a team of women parade-ing along the sideway, 敲锣and打鼓,to attract customers. In this day too, there were a lot of shops having the discounts and promotions for the ladies, to dig a HUGE hole in each and every women's purse. Haha.

We dated 刘靖 to shop at Carrefour, stopped by a KFC outside Carrefour to have our lunch.

They have this very yummy purple potato Portugese tart selling here!

It is srsly delicous! But then hor, quite expensive too. RMB5.50 per tart, RMB28 per box(6 pcs). At least for me it can consider as expensive lah, not converting the currency etc

We had this Old Beijing Twister (老北京鸡肉卷) too with hot orange juice and fries. RMB21.30 per set.

刘靖and I used a very lame and crappy reason to sneak out to search for cakes. Well, luckily that girl was borned in this day, so, we bought her cake with a 20% d…

妖魔山 + 博物馆 + 国际大巴扎



妖魔山是整个乌市最高的山。三八的我带了相机却竟然忘了带memory card!?所以就借用薇云和宝珠的相机咯。


下一站,我们到维吾尔族聚集地-国际大巴扎(International Grand Bazaar)。这里可以算是维吾尔族聚集的地点,同行的还有旅行系的古丽,她也是维吾尔族。他们一直叮咛我们要小心自己的东西,因为这一带很多扒手(也没什么好奇怪,我们的国家何尝不是呢)。


OH! Forgot to mention in the previous post, Xin Jiang is the largest state in China, located in the west side of China.


If you are a huge eater in Malaysia, in Urumqi, Xin Jiang, China, you will definitely surrender. At least I am.

Even, according to the China people, the northern side people eats much much more than the southern side's. On our first meal in Urumqi, I was srsly shocked because of the portion. And I was so depressed I couldn't finish my part (the depressed part was fake lol...)

Anyway, you can find alot of good food in Urumqi! Some might turn out to be a little weird, or not nice that I cannot really accept it. You might find these pictures in my Facebook, here, I'll slowly introduce one by one (to make things look more 多余 Haha!).

First of all, the introduction. Xin Jiang province and/or Urumqi city can consider as a Muslim city, where you can find many Muslim people here. So, on our first trip going around Urumqi, our new friend aka tour guide 刘靖 as…