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I'm Home!!

I drove back to Kota Bharu last Thursday with two friends and two furbrats. The weather was OK, some raining on the hilly roads, traffic was amazingly smooth!

Anyway, I've met few frustrated situations too:
1) I hate the 'braker'. Those who drive at 70-80 km/h and brake HARD every 5 seconds on all the loops and holes on the damaged road. Mek, if you want to do so, might as well you just drive at 50 km/h, give your brake disc a break lah~
2) There's a road block somewhere near Jeli. The police officer stopped me and asked a list of sounds-really-stoopid questions. Here's our conversation:

Police: Hi. Where are you going?
Nee: Kota Bharu.
P: Why?
N: ... Balik kampung.
P: Oh!? Kota Bharu is your hometown?!
..:I already rolled my eyes thoroughly on him at this point:..
P: *pointed at my friends* They are....?
N: Friends. We carpooled.
P: Oh!? Malay and Chinese can be friends huh?!
(Note that my friends are those wearing tuduh labuh kind of decent Malay girls)
Friend: Why not!? …

One Day Hatyai Trip

Went to Hatyai for a one day trip yesterday (Sunday) with the badminton friends.

The last time I was in Hatyai when I was Standard four liddat!! They were 'amazed' as well that I never been to Hatyai once although I've been here for few years.

We departed at around 8am by car, crossed the border, had breakfast at Padang town, then headed to Hatyai which was around 2 hours driving distance.

When we finally arrived Hatyai, we parked the cars at Tesco Lotus and took tuk-tuk to a Bazaar kind of place (I didn't ask for the name -___-). Bought a lime green T there for first day of CNY, but the other theme, purple superhero, was no way to be found.

Next stop is Lee Garden. I finally stepped foot on the very 'famous' Lee Garden, where everyone's talking about when topic about Hatyai arose. Had a buffet lunch at a Japanese buffet restaurant inside Lee Garden, the name is something with Oishi...

^Kami bertiga: me, qiao wen and ha ji

We sat in front of the 'kitchen'…

New Year Post

After countless invitation, I finally went to Ai Ling (housemate)'s house in Penang for new year countdown and weekend getaway.

We arrived at Juru Auto-city at around 6pm to avoid traffic jam. Strolled around the place and had dinner at IceIceBaby.

P/S: The Star published the picture of the crowd with us inside on the front page!! :D

^ Dinner~

Well, it's quite a boring night I must say. It was the most un-happening and 'quiet' new year countdown event I've ever been to (this was the second time I've been to one though, LOL)

There was a Belly Dance Competition held. We fought our way to the 'front line' for a better sight, which we all regret to the max half way. The competition was kinda bored as almost all contestants were the same in all categories. So, 来来去去都是那些人, a little too plain.

^The MC and audience was playing some games on the stage

After the competition was over, we thought at least some good performance should be taken place now. NO. =.=

^A b…