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Room Shifting

It's no longer a Room A-to-Room B project. This time, it's about 2 km from my 'now to call' previous rented house.

I already know that I would suffer hell lot of my stuffs, never expect it can actually be so plenty.

Since the new girl who will be renting my room has all these pantang-larang thing that insists her to move in on this very day (I find this topic quite interesting, hence the next post later), so I had to shift all my things out for her to stuck in her stuffs.

It took me three rounds, with car full loaded front and back, to shift all the belongings. Scary...

The shifting was exhausting, the cleaning and arranging was frustrating, but the outcome is overwhelming :)

Because of all these hard and busy labor work, I took a breakfast nasi dagang, then 'starved' for the next 8 hours to have a fried rice for dinner. And now, I'm hungry :(

New Furkids In Da House

Went back home last weekend to settle my scholarship stuff. I was given 14 days to settle medical checkup, guarantor and witnesses for the agreement, this and that. Phew~

Last Saturday was the treatment session for asthma in grannie's house, mom assigned me to help on the desk job. Cousin's girlfriend brought two fluffy puppies as a stray bitch gave birth to 8 puppies at her house. I immediately fall in love with them!!

^Keeping themselves comfortable since no one's there to play and response to their tantrum

The yellow patch is a female and the black patch is male. It's cute to see how they love to rest their head on the loop and how they love to lift their neck to long up.

After negotiating with mom, aunt and cousin, since everyone's hand are tight to keep the puppies and all our dogs were dead :(, we decided to bring them home.

The first night was a bliss. They did whine and cry here and there, but settled down quick enough. We guess it's because they have each o…

PhD Comics

LOL Oh goodness I've found yet another funny comic website to share...

Piled Higher & Deeper posts comic strips about the ongoing chronicle of life (or the lack thereof) in grad school (Malaysian term - postgraduate).
I am surprised by the duration of their PhD route as it takes as long as 9 - 10 years! Anyway, I must say, I sincerely agree to most of the comic strips in it, providing it tells the tale of my own life too, and many other postgrads' life...
Newton's law:

Thunder + Rain in the Middle of the Night

I had a headache for three days now, I get tired and sleepy and uncomfortable no matter how enough my sleep (8 hours as standard) is, how cold I am (being in a 20 degree room, away from the heat wave outside), and how much rest I take.

I blame the sleeping quality even though I slept over 8 hours daily, but I sleep through the night tightly, so that's not the case.
Last night, I hit the bed at 11pm when the headache struck again, even Glee couldn't stop me from feeling sleepy from the headache. It was a hot day and hot night, the fan was at the maximum blast.
When I was running around some relative's huge mansion to search for my room in my dream, suddenly some flashing woke me up and I thought it was morning already, following with a very loud thunder. I grumbled, saying '酱快就天亮了咩' while reaching for the alarm clock, and it's 2.14AM!
Then the series of loud thunders (I mean very very loud, like maximum volume!!) and flashing lightning went on and on, along with…

It's Getting Hot In Herre

The super hot sunny weather has come back!! When I drove back to Perlis last Monday, the 5pm sun was like a 2pm sun, high up the sky and super hot! I almost melt...

I overreacted when my application for MyBrain15 scholarship was unsuccessful during the first phase. So now the screen showed the huge 'TAHNIAH', Cheshire Cat grin appears~

^Got it finally!! Hehehehhehe....
picture courtesy of tvtropes

Today was the settling-the-documents-and-stuff day:
1. clinic for medical checkup;
2. Jabatan Bendahari to submit the scholarship offer letter;
3. Bank Islam to open a new account;
4. Bus station to buy bus ticket (going back KB on weekend to settle some more stuff...)

The day was hot, as usual. I hardly drank any water when going around the town. The clinic was full house! Submitted the offer letter (first time being hold back by the security guard!), walking to Bank Islam.
Since it was already middle of the day and a lot of traffic, despite the hot weather, I decided to walk rather than dri…

Dogs Whisperer

The house is so freaking silence since all the dogs were gone :(

One of the things I love most about coming back home is the Astro B-yond.

The HD features are so-so (because of the limited setting of the TV, making HD is not so HD), while I love the recording function the most.

Back to the topic...

National Geographic aka NatGeo is my all time favourite (despite the fact that I watch only few specific content: Dogs whisperer, air crash investigation, Mythbuster etc)

Recently, my most favourite/watched NatGeo series would be 'Dogs Whisperer'.

It is so interesting, even my parents are lured in watching the show with me, and they love the command 'tsst'.

From wiki: Dogs Whisperer is a reality TV series that follows Caesar Millan as he works in the field of dog rehabilitation.

Every episode, it features different characteristics or bad behaviors of the dogs that making everyone's life miserable; then Caesar Millan comes to rescue.

His philosophy is to train the owner to…


1. 这次回家,算是老板又一个‘最后一分钟’的决定。

回家当然是件好事;为公事回家也没关系,只是这种Last Minute的状况比较惹人厌烦。我甚至还重负三次同样的问题,为了‘再三’确定老板是认真的 -___-

我:“... ... ...这个拜一?”
我:“... ... ...这个要来的拜一?”
老板:“... ...是的。就是那个拜一。”
老板:“...好的。 -___-”

*********讨厌那些只给我添加烦恼没有欢乐的paper work和慢吞吞朋友,省略**************

2. 第六次!



我天兵到自己趁个空档跑去捐血,忘记说声,结果把‘记得叫护士准备你的血给我’的交代给完全忘了。 -____-



3. 有额外收入了!




4. 刚才新闻报道魏家祥对学生UPU上诉要求进入‘名牌大学’做出回应,说‘学生应该选系不选院,雪龙以外还是有好大学’的说法,令周玛很是满意,只不过,魏兄,你能不能去跟那群MOSTI的Interviewers讲一声,因为他们觉得我First Degree和Postgraduate都选这间不PRESTIGE的大学很lat seh!!

我是很记仇,可是现在原谅他们,因为我拿到奖学金了 :)








话说,两个女孩来看房间。有一个要了中房(此文称她为小中),另一个就拿了大房(此文称她为厅长) - 令周麻的房间。












而且,她们很早睡!七早八早就把客厅的灯关了!还我得摸黑去洗脸刷牙 -_-



Facebook and Parents

I don't have issue about parents having FB accounts, particularly both my parents have an account (which my dad controls both accounts' activities... -_- IT Geek!).

Anyway, something kinda creeps me about parents and FB.


My landlady's friend, who I quite fond with, wanted to borrow my laptop and internet to go in facebook. I was a little surprised since I heard them say they know nothing about computers and internet, but I still gave my offer, what's the harm right?

After setting up the modem, connection and stuff, I took a few steps back to see what's the aunties are up to, and if they need some assistance of course.

Well, I must say I was amazed to see the aunty was familiar with the whole where-to-click, searching-mutual-friends stuffs (she does not have an account though, it's her son's), she clicked an account and started to view the photos and discussing with my landlady.

It's a boy's account, late teens or early twenties…

Nightmarket Manners

Visiting the nightmarket is kind of my weekly routine thing since Degree time, thanks to the great fruit bargain (fyi I'm not really a fan of supermarket's fruits).

Anyway, nightmarket is a nightmare of huge crowd and vehicles. The older I get, the lesser interest I have in exploring the nightmarket, especially those I am over familiar with.

The mission is simple: park car - go in - buy things - get out.

However, I get pissed so often of the bad nightmarket manners the fellow goers have. It's like traffic jam in human form, and most of the times they make it hard for people walking behind them to overtake them. Good thing I can bypass one part of the crowded lane to the fruit stall, but the dinner main course and dessert are in the middle of the 'war zone', so as the nightmare.

1. Walking manners - I think you might hate it when two motorbikers ride their motor side by side on the road, same thing in nightmarket. I don't mind people walk side by side (b…