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Mom run-away-from-home Weekend Getaway to Perlis

Mom visits me over the weekend! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Initially she wanted to go KL during Raya Haji, which at that time both me and er jie were there too, and it's my birthday weekend too. The plan cancelled. When I asked her about it she said:"I don't know how to explain to you also", OK lah...

This weekend was kinda like a long weekend too, so I told dad about family trip to the North, then it got a little susah because of the baby, then I got fed up and told mom, "You see, actually I plan to get you our from home lah, you know like when you couldn't go to KL few weeks back? So this time run away from home and come lah!" and she was like "OK I understand liao I know what to do" hahaha!!

She came over on Friday morning (arrived) by bus. We spent whole day in the house, went out only to makan and walk-walk in C-mart. My housemates are not around as they gone to Beijing for 12 days, so I have the whole house for myself.

She took with her my Watso…

Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag

That means 'much love for your birthday' in German.
I'm picking up my long lost German language using Duolingo App, and it is so damn awesome!! I'm currently in 15 days streak now, supposed to be more lah but one day the Internet was horrible and I skipped a day hence lost the streak -_-

We did not talk about my birthday plan at all, because when I asked once some time ago, Hon just said:"Do what? We just go out eat and back home sleep loh. What else to do leh?" So i got sien and lazy to even mention it anymore.

Of course he doesn't mean it lah (even my besties back him up nah...) but when he said it like that it means no point asking also die die he wouldn't tell.
On Thurs night and Fri morning, I was upset about something trifle and I couldn't get over it, so upset I nearly cried on several occasions. 'Nearly' because I die die hold my tears don't let it drop LOL. Nothing biggie lah but word hurts and I was emotional and sensitive tho…

Foldie Ride at Perlis: Ridin' in the Rain aka Curse the Rain

I had a bike ride with Wei Xiong two weekends ago, and it's RAINING MEN!!!

Too bad, nope, not a single man fall down from the sky... it's pebble sized raindrops, lots of 'em.

Perlis has been raining for so many days, it started during the time I was away to Phuket and KL, continued raining until the 16th which I cursed the sun that day, and been so hot for the week until Saturday. I went to a Zumba party thingy in SP as Theresa's backup on Saturday night and had planned for a cycling outing on the next day, plotting the route already!! Envious!

Came Sunday, we started our ride on 8am. Since WX was busy for the past few weeks and hadn't do any exercises, I plotted a easier route for us, eliminated two flyover climbing.

When we were on Jalan Santan going towards Beseri, the clouds came. I noticed, kept quiet, shush WX when he mentioned about the clouds, but the sky just didn't love me much. It started drizzling...