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HIIT The Obesity Charity Run: 7 km run 6 HIIT stations

Ganged-up with FY, we joined the HIIT The Obesity Charity Run at Kota Kemuning last weekend. This charity run was organised by Anytime Fitness Malaysia for the Great Heart Charity Association (Persatuan Kasih Sejati) and the proceeds raised from the run would be 100% contribute to the association. Honestly I wasn't so noble lah about joining this event, let the organiser think about the fund raising. I was excited when Theresa first broke the news, so I quickly asked my fitness-partner-in-crime FY to join as a team of 2 together. Everything was as vague and clueless, up til the very last week only we were announced what kind of workout routines at every station, and OMG it was hard!! 7 km run + 6 HIIT stations to complete: HIIT station 1: Mountain climber x 50 (left right count ONE) HIIT station 2: Hurdle jump x 30 HIIT station 3: Explosive jack x 20 HIIT station 4: Burpee x 20 HIIT station 5: Pommel jump x 50 (in, out count ONE) HIIT station 6: Alternate lunges j