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Outskirts Weekend Getaway at Suria Hill Country House Janda Baik

This was one of the first few flights that Hon booked me to KL, after he got back to KL from the Up North trip. That's commitment! I mean, yeah, he can afford to buy me few promo flight tickets, and that is his effort of wanting to see me in physical. The effort is good enough, and, flights are definitely better muahaha! Before I go hoo-haa about the lovey dovey HonNee thing and the hatred thing about the exes, let’s move on~!! We planned for a countryside getaway at Janda Baik for the weekend yeay!! It was Hon’s DateSpark* and he’s delivering the promise J *DateSpark is one of the features in to write down the date ideas you want to have and see if any member is interested with it. Hon’s DateSpark was the reason I started email him (yeah, I made the first move, I admit), and he admits he purposely wrote that idea to lure me with keywords like embrace the nature, waterfall, beach and coffee LOL!

Penang Raya Jamming Trip

Intended to write about the BWF Championship thingy, but considering I’m not a famed commentator and practically no one gives a damn about what I write, so, passed! Anyway, I’m kinda glad that China no longer dominates all the categories hehe… and, yeah, LCW is still not LD’s league… Let’s get back to the main agenda. It was initially a trip planned between Hon and his sister, it just so happened that we ‘met’ along the way, so he asked me along. Literally, this trip was all about eat, hugs and kisses , sleep, eat, hugs and kisses , sleep, eat, hugs and kisses , sleep, eat, hugs and kisses , sleep…

The Chronicles of M&M: The End

After painstaking consideration, I decided to let my boys go. It wasn't the first time I have this thought. In fact, the time when Mozzie passed away, I thought about putting up Manny for adoption, but somehow, I decided to give it another try and took Mojo in instead. This time, for so many reasons (that seems to be excuses after all), I put my boys up for adoption/sell and sold them to a youngster in KL. I have always wanted a pet of my own. I am always surrounded by pets, dogs in particular. My house has few dogs, both my maternal and paternal grandparents' places have dogs. However, these dogs weren't literally my pet. My duty was to release their latch and play with them, while all those daily routines like feeding, toilet train etc were done by my parents, mom in particular. When I moved to a new place with more space and the convenience of keeping a pet, I sorted to guinea pig, which has been my desire since 2004. One of the main reasons of wanting a pet is t