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Happy Birthday to Me 2015

After a (two if you read the Mandarin version too) solemn post, I'll refresh this blog with something else to lighten the mood a little.

My birthday was on two weekends ago. It was a rather quiet birthday this year, a very simple celebration with the one I love :)

Started the day early with a badminton friendly match with UTAR. 

I think I might have a stage fright, or maybe in this case, match fright because I performed miserably =.= Must be because hardly been in competition these days. Us girls only compete in Women Double and Mixed Double, so after our games, the UTAR girls requested for another game for fun, and I played so much better haha! Even when I played with a bet in hand also OK ar *chet*

Hon making a spontaneous trip to the North for me, and we spent two days in Alor Setar, which I finally had the chance to explore the place in depth.
We stayed at a Rainbow Hotel near Alor Setar Mall, had a coffee at a café near town, visited the newly opened Aman Central  Mall, and simply…

Rest In Peace, Ah Ma Batnar

Ah-Ma as in ‘grandmother’, Batnar as in a place’s name – where she’s from.
Ah-Ma Batnar aka my paternal grandmother passed away on 19th Aug, Wednesday, aged 95.
That day, I was busy preparing for the 8.30am badminton tournament in UUM that I missed my mom’s call at 6.30am. The boys who are long-time tournament participants advised us to switch off our phone to avoid distraction. I didn’t read any messages until after I finished my miserable first single game. 
After losing the first single game, I finally had the time to look at my phone and the first thing that came to my mind after I saw the message dad sent was:”Yikes~ What about the next game?”
At that moment, I wasn’t feeling sad or anything, instead, I felt troubled that I might not be able to play on the next game which was on Friday.
After settling everything, I went back home that night.

I still wasn’t feeling sad or anything even when I saw her in the coffin, but Wee Shirlyn creep the heck out of us though.

When I carried her up …

Ah-Ma Batnar (中文版)

Ah-Ma 就婆婆的意思,Batnar是地方名,她的老家。
我们家(爸爸那side)都是这样,以地方名叫人的 ,因为亲戚都住不同地方。

每当我跟人家说我的祖母是住甘榜里的时候,重点通常都会放在‘祖母’这个称呼上,他们都会说:“你不是在说你的婆婆吗?怎么说起你的Ah-joh (曾祖,婆婆的父母亲)呢?”
... ... ...好多人对亲戚关系称谓都欠佳呀~~

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

话说回来,Ama在阳历八月十九日去世,享年95 岁。

那天,我正准备八点半早上的羽毛球赛。一整个早上冲凉吃早餐什么的,看到娘亲六点半的misscall有点奇怪可是没时间回电,连信息也没看到。 (比赛前他们男生叫我们先把电话关掉以免影响情绪,他们都出赛出习惯了所以我很乖很听话)