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Trip back from KL

Back from KL, arrive at 6.30am this morning. That genius Sri Maju stopped the bus at jeti Kuala Perlis, so I need to pay extra RM1 to go back to Kg Wai... ... ... (Usually is RM5 from KP bus station to my hostel, this morning I paid Rm6)

I thought I can tahan to go to Encik Megat's tutorial at 8am, confirmed with Encik Zul that talak lab, then sms KarLin about the cancellation of the lab, then she replied:"Got tuto leh~"...

at 7.30am she called:"Nee, got tuto oh"

"I know, I'll go but will be late"

... ... ...
Ended up I woke up at 9.50am... Muahahha~ Kena blamed by KarLin and PeiSia during micro-p class coz, due to my absence, they kena 'attacked' by En Megat... HaHa! Sorry girls~~~

AnyWay, those who din attend his tuto need to give him Love Letter leh before Thursday... Sei loh~~~~~~~~ First time ponteng need to submit love letter~ AIKS! what should i write?

Let the picture tell the story pulak...
Random pictar time:

1. Went to Genting with CiCi…

*passing by*

Felt so blank lately, summore most of the comments i received is dono-what link that might lead me to virus, so i feel kek sim and write in this post.

1st thing that i kek sim about is my new instrumentation lecturer, Dr Rizon. Juju and the gang once warned me about this renowned Prof, and at first i thought he is nothing worse than those beh-hiao-gah-chek (dono-how-to-teach) lecturers (So unfortunate that we have one who is in that category last sem). Until the first day he stepped in our class, I m so seriously terribly stupiditically geniusilly beh-tahanly wrong!

1. He was late (They said:"他是酱了的")
2. He asked us to look at the notes, and didn't flip until end of the class (cuz he was discussing on changing the class from morning class to evening or night class)
3. Middle of the session, he leave the class without any warning, then they said:"他应该是去厕所瓜。。 以前都是酱的"

... ... ... ... Totally speechless... ... ... ...

Finally I get to see a typical 学历死北高 uni lecturer with…

I hate BiG eVenT


I hate it when there's big event going on, and i'm coming back KayBee (such as raya, and this superb event of the year - THE ELECTION). During this moment, loads of loads of loads of 'foreign' vehicles are oozing into the town, which cause the town suddenly packed with CARS!! Ggrrrrrrrr~~~

so, instead of driving into town, i would rather ride motor... unless something really so desperate that i really NEED to drive in there (eg: raining lor~~)

ok lar... let's talk about something positive first. I vote for the first time!!! HAHA!! Well, it's not really so that special like what i thought earlier, anyway, there goes my first time...

Next, about the *f* part.

All of us (FaMa, sis n i) went to vote early in the morning, then we were told by the MCA ppl that we can claim so-called transportation fee at siong hui (中华总商会). So after settling my car's road tax etc, we had our breakfast at an indian shop opposite siong hui and headed…

Balik Kampung again



老实说,累到要死咯... 怪也怪自己死要脸,爱逞强... 为了快点抵达,也因为很长一段路都是山路,我不放心把车交给另一个有执照的人驾 (fyi,不是我信不过他,只是,驾过我的车的人都知道,我的车不好控制 - sterring过轻,整辆车整体上都不是很稳,在加上那时又下雨又走山路的,所以... ... ...)

原本预定最最迟都会在九点到达kaybee, 马纳载竟然十点才到TM!?!?

一路上看到很多旗啊,banner啊 etc etc 吊得到处都是.... 可是,还是我们这边最有型了!回到家后,爸爸给我看报纸上的照片,又坦克车又鲨鱼的,真是够力精彩!

回到家的感觉真好.... "There's no place like home"

家里有了些许变化:1.林老爷退休了,家里的东西很出奇地并没有变得多出很多; 2. 家里装streamyx了 ; 3. kusial姨丈公今早去世了

Industrial Visit to Ambu, Penang

On 29th Feb(yesterday), we have a industrial visit to Ambu, Penang. It is actually a compulsory programme set by the uni called IndEx (Industrial Exposure). I got titbits beh song coz our class is divided into 2 groups: 1st group (the matriks & stpm gangs) visit B Braun and us visiting Ambu... ARGH!! Fyi, B Braun is a very big company which produce alots of medical equipments available in the market, while until yesterday, only i realise that Ambu is also a renowned medical company which produce electrodes and the AMBU bag!! (b4 this we was like:"huh!? Ambu?! ape itu?! tak aci la diorang pergi b braun tapi kita pergi ambu :( )

The appointment was set on 3pm. We departed from Perlis on 10am, and reached Penang at about 1pm. Having our lunch at Bayan Lepas while waiting for the guys who went for their sembahyang jumaat.

We got lost inside the industrial park area when on our way to Ambu, coz that area is a typical kawasan industri -- Lotz of companies and factories all over the p…