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石人沟 Stone Man Valley

Last weekend, we went to a place called 石人沟 aka Stone Man Valley for a 'picnic' with the first year Tourism Management students. They are really a bunch of hyperactive kids!

We didn't ask for much information about that place before. It's quite a long journey: Take a bus from the end station to the another end station for RMB1, then a medium tour bus to that place for RMB5. It took us about 2 hours to reach the place. And, we need to prepare our own lunch.

The place is BEAUTIFUL! You can never see such a place in Malaysia! Well, one of the points is because, Malaysia don't have much 大草原 Prairies lah~ Even Cameron Highlands also lose. The scenery is definitely splendid. 青青河边草 Green Green Grass By The River punya feeling la wei! I got so excited! And kek sim too, because I forgot to charge my camera on the previous night. Argh!

We stopped at a small dam, then started our walking trip. There's a lot of small yellow flowers alongside the road, so the girls started to …

Compliment to Nice People

This post is inspired by a bank staff called 任筱妍 and the bank's Duty Manager (I didn't get her name) who make me so happy and delighted in a foreign land.

I would like to give my compliment to fellow customer service staffs all around the world =)

I worked as a customer service before. I used to have a very good memory, I remembered most of my customers, even the ones who dropped by to replace a battery only. I used to remember their surname, their Polar HRM model, the previous problem of their HRM etc without looking at the files and documents. Some of them, I could recognize their voice on the phone already. This actually made some of my customers surprise and excited.

However, there's a problem too. I like to pay attention at how a person serve their customers, so I became slightly sensitive when someone is serving me. Honestly, most of them annoyed me. =.=

This morning, I went to China Construction Bank to activate the online banking service. It's my second visit there…

3D2N Trip to South Xinjiang: Conclusion

1. 3 days 2 nights trip to South Xinjiang is not recommended. This trip involves about 1800km of journey, which means we spent more time on the bus than visiting the places.

2. South Xinjiang's weather is drier than Urumqi. I forgot to bring my lip balm during the trip, the lip was really really dry, until some skin was dried up and mengelupas, luckily it didn't bleed or watsoever. Some tourists who on the same bus with us had bleeding nose too.

3. Xinjiang people is really geng in bringing junk food on the bus. I notice that half of the tourists didn't bring any other clothes than the one on them (You can just see lah if that person kept wearing the same clothes +.+), but the bag they brought is full of food~ Being as wuliao as I and Ju do, we notice that the 4 friends sitting beside us eating the following stuffs: cucumbers (A LOT of cucumbers), tomatoes (A LOT of tomatoes), vaccumed-pack food such as hotdogs, flavoured beef, flavoured lamb meat, 鸡爪 chicken legs, yogurts, …

3D2N Trip to South Xinjiang Day 3

We departed a little earlier today, 7am.

Xiao Zhang warned us about the under-developed situation in this area that she asked us to eat less food in the bus.

This would be a very horrible experience for me. My stomach didn't feel so well this day, and I wanted to pee frequently. The bus stopped few times for the WC moments, but the condition of the toilet annoyed me A LOT.

I think China government saves up a lot of money in building toilets. Most of the toilets are not only doorless, some even 'wall-less'!

I'll pass the imagination thingy for you to imagine it yourselves:

Just imagine:
better condition ones: a space, a slightly higher platform, and few walls to divide the space, a hole is dug on the platform, under the hole is ground. Everything came out from your lower waist part falls down directly to the ground. Not to mention the piled up shit and tissue and other things on the ground under the hole.
worst condition: Same as above, the differences is without wall, …

3D2N Trip to South Xinjiang Day 2

btw... Let me intro our tour guide, 小张 Miss Zhang first. She is a nice girl, but not a good tour guide. She seldom talks on the bus, even if she talks, her topics are rather boring that annoyed most of us. Her arrangements of the hotel rooms on the first night was a nasty one, I overheard some people yelling at her in the middle of the night still. Poor her.

Back to the story.

We departed from our hotel on 8.15am.

When exiting Kurla, an accident happened in front of our bus. We were stuck there for about 40 minutes.

A small lorry full with goats try to overtake us during traffic jam

When everything was cleared, we continued our journey. Miss Zhang talked about Kurla during the journey, and she mentioned Kurla's most famous fruit: Kurla Pear 库尔勒香梨. Only then I know that people usually should eat the whole pear instead of cutting them into half or small pieces, because if you cut them, you are 分梨 (means breaking apart). Lol. Make sense.

On the way about 11am, we passed by a small town wh…

3D2N Trip to South Xinjiang Day 1

Departed from 'October' cinema hall 红十月电影院 at about 8.45am. It's a 53-people trip and the bus suxx as the chair is unadjustable. Argh my neck and waist!

Here we are again to this place. Can pruodly announced that I have been to this place twice. Haha! It was even colder than the first time we'd been here, so we just wandered around for about 5 minutes then up we go on the bus.

I really salute China people kao-kao for their 'bravery' in finding a toilet. For countless time in this 3D2N trip that the bus stopped by the road side in the middle of nowhere for the passengers to 'relief' themselves. I even experienced a mild culture shock because of that later that trip. =.=

Our first stop of 'open air WC'. At first, four of us didn't understand what the tour guide meant when she said:"OK, later male at left, female at right (男左女右)." then the bus stopped. Later only I knew, "Oh, pigi toilet kah? Aiyo +.+"

The scenery was splendid b…