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Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday dearie Daddy


Happy Chap Goh Mei to all my friends!


The very last day of angpao collection...

Langkawi trip 29/1/10 - 1/2/10

Sorry, I am too lazy to express everything in story form, so I'll just squeeze everything into picture caption, let the pictures tell the story :)

It began with 'WE MUST GO NO MATTER WHAT'. Talking about passion and enthusiasm huh~

The planning began since the first week of lecture and the trip was arranged before CNY as delay and postponing again will definitely put the trip on hold, and it is not tolerate-able because we're in final semester already!! (Yup, we've been planning to do this since... hmm... second or third year? Duh!) So, as the treasurer, Adik collected RM200 from me and Hidayah since the early semester so that we can save the money for the trip.

On 29th Jan, after the JDM class, we hurriedly went to Kuala Perlis jetty to get our ferry ticket.

^At the jetty, waiting for the ferry

^Hird was annoyed because the ferry was late. (LoL I don't know why did she do that expression though)

^FINALLY! On the ferry at last.

^Baby pillow no matter where I am.(this …