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2009 to 2010

I had a great and bliss 2009.

the first half of the year was all about adventures and explore:

-- 2 months of industrial training had open my eyes to the world of biomedical engineering and hospital environment again after poli's experience; I love to get my hands dirty in fixing the faulty dental chair; I love to challenge 240V open power supply; I love the experience visiting mental ward; I love solving the mysterious faulty clamp of a syringe pump and watching the inside of the CT Scan machine; I love walking around the hospital looking like a pro engineer; I miss everyone in Radicare Kota Bharu.

--4 months as an exchange student in Urumqi, Xin Jiang, China has definitely one of the best chapters in my life; I miss the food so much, especially Zhua Fan and BBQ lamb stick; I miss the view of snowy mountain from my room; I miss the food street in front of school where most of the shop owners know us; I miss the classmates; I miss the teachers; I miss the wonderful trips around Xinji…

Movies I watched

1. Avatar (2009)

The hottest topic in town I guess?

After Lim Tino gave me the statement that 'Avatar is N-th thumbs up!!!!!!!!!', I knew I should not miss this out. SO, since we were totally free today (It just lab sessions and haven't started yet), I 'seduced' Adik to go to Jitra for the movie. We actually wanted to watch Alvin and the chipmunks too but Jitra mall is not showing that movie. Too bad.

Indeed, the 'ooohhh' and 'Ahhhh' and 'Awwww' of the effects were there. I love Pandora! Especially the luminous plants, trees, the dots on the Na' Vi and everything, it is awesome!

Besides that, it shows how ugly, selfish, greedy, ignorant, arrogant, etc etc of a human being can be. In fact, it's not just one, it's a whole bunch of them excluding a teeny-weeny of them with kind-heart. I think none of the Aliens in the other 'planets' would welcome us if '2012' really happen.

Something about the Na' Vi. Jake Sully is c…

Beginning of Semester Syndrome

This would be our last 'beginning of semester' phase, and I'd like to conclude some of the syndromes that I found among myself and my Uni friends:

1. Cooking.

During the beginning of semester, my friends would have mood to cook every meal every day. At least for the past few days. I was waken up (or perhaps, shocked) by the sound of them frying chicken or fish at the back of the house. Anyway, I don't mind, because I get to eat good food! :) Be it rendang, or gulai ayam, or simple fried fishes, they always make me drool so badly, and want for more!

^Today's dishes.

Just hope we will not get caught for cooking in hostel until the end of the semester.

2. Trip and travel planning. I think this is what we do in the beginning of ALL semesters.

"Let's go to Langkawi!""perhaps a trip to Redang or Perhentian?""after we finished our paper we'll travel around Malaysia!" etc etc etc.

Sounds familiar? At least, for us, YES! We've been talkin…

Driving a Long Journey

P.S.: I heard there's two UniMAP students died in this accident. Condolence to their families. :(

I'll be driving a long journey road tomorrow, and this came on TV3 Buletin Utama when we were having our dinner.

IPOH: The Government should consider stopping express bus from operating night trips said Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir after 10 people were killed when an express bus hit a road divider 8km after the Ipoh Selatan toll plaza (northbound) at 1am He said that if the move could safeguard the lives of the people, it should be considered. ”People’s lives are paramount,” he said at the Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun mortuary here Saturday.The ill fated express bus from Klang to Kangar at the scene of the accident at km 272.8 north bound PLUS highway near Ipoh, killing 10 passengers. SAIFUL BAHRI/The Star Dr Zambry was there to console families of victims involved in the horrific crash at Km272.8 of the North South Expressway near the Jelapang toll plaza. T…

Leaving Home

I will leave KB tomorrow to Perlis (Sien-ness OverLoad), along with a friend - will pick him up at Pasir Mas.

Gah I hate this feeling of leaving home! So contrast to my feeling few years back when I was so eagerly to leave home. I'm so so sorry mum!! And now, I wish I can stay at home forever.

Few days back I had this 'private' conversation thing with mum at the dining table. (PS: we have this kind of talks quite frequently at home lately since grannie stays with us. It's OK if you wanna say I'm disobedient but it's a way for us to release stress.) I told mum a statement:"I'm not even leave home yet, but I'm homesick already.' And she laughed! -_____________-

We went for some grocery shopping last night after a buffet style wedding dinner. It was quite fun to shop with mum because 1. She pays; 2. I get to take anything I want from the store, and of course, from home.

Even if I have a long list of stuffs to buy, she would say:"We have some at h…

Winter Solstice

It's this time of the year again. ^.^ Last year I was at home celebrating the festival, I am so not excluded as well this year!! XD

We tried new recipe this year: orange color extracted from carrot!

Color extracting work was quite easy though, but tiring.

^1. First, chop the carrot in cube.

^2. Using the don't-what's-the-right-term-for-this-thing, mash the carrot until...

^3. becomes like this.

4. Put the mashed carrot into a cloth to squeeze out the 'juice'.

^5. Pour the 'juice' into the glutinous rice flour and knead it into dough form. (The green color is extracted from pandan leaves)

^6. The colorful doughs! ^.^

^7. After hard work of three people...

^ TADA!!!!!

Drool please people... Drool... :)

I've been so drooling about this stuff, I finished almost half bowl of it! Sorry~ especially to the younger sister who is so drooling about this. :p

Dong Zhi Kuai Le 冬至快乐 everyone!!

Random Picture time:

Our camp is on today's The Star Metro!!! Hahahahah!!!


'LIKE' Please!!!

OK lah new entry for this because previous campaign kena complaint by Lim Tino pulak dah...

Need some help here...

This picture here

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Semester 2 Session 2009/2010

Next semester will begin on 28th Dec.

Sien-ness overload -___-

Luckily I don't have any Wajib subjects that downgraded all the hard-earned core subjects' grades wtf to take anymore, so no need hassle about schedule arrangement etc while registering subjects. Out of 6 wajib subjects, 1 Option and 1 co-cu, I only get 2 A and the rest is either A- (good enuff), B+ (long sighhhh) and B (WTF!!)

Since next semester is my last semester in UniMAP (Hopefully! Finger crossed!!), after staying for two years in Perlis, I think I should visit and re-visit the places to eat and visit around Perlis and perhaps make some entries about it... Good idea?

Whatsoever, good luck for me lah!!

Random story time:
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有一科没料到竟然拿不到A :( 有点遗憾..

Pointer cukup makan laaa...






前几天都在PJ家里养伤 (算是啦)
















明年可以在大学kee hiao了 hehe...







I like I like!!!





谢谢咯笨蛋B/W!不要再讲我没在我的blog讲到你! :w

到KL Sentral时,时间尚早,我随便找了一间吃馆解决晚餐...






2nd International Putrajaya 12 hours Walk (complete ver.)

It was my first walk, summore 12 hours duration. This is madness! And tough one too...

Due to the hard sell promotion by Lim Er Jie, I came to PJ from KB yesterday just for this event. Haha... Sounds like very 委屈 only.... :p

As per title, the event took place in Putrajaya, or, to be more specific, the road in front of Perbadanan Putrajaya and Istana Kehakiman.

We arrived Putrajaya at about 5pm and started searching for the venue. I'm not familiar with Putrajaya, in fact, none of us in the car knew where is the event held, so we just hentam jer lah by following road signs and all... They put some notification boards along the traffic lights and roads as guidance, however, we still got lost and summore already passed by the place and none of us notice it! =.= Jialat betul...

^Palace of Justice. (And, seriously, I've never been here before...)

Anyway, we finally found the way, parked the car, went ahead for number, bib and goodies bag collection, and looked for a nice spot to set…

2nd International Putrajaya 12 hours Walk 2009

Yes! I kid you not! 12 hours = 12nd Dec 8pm until 13th Dec 8am.

Tired, exhausted, sleepy, blah blah blah.... But we had fun and enjoyed ourselves so much!!!

Anyway, any enjoyment will lead to some side effects, for example: painful leg muscles!!!!! I can't bend my right leg, painful to change pants, climb ladder etc etc... Goodness~

Oh! And, the red-shirt uncle standing in the middle is Uncle Allen, he's promoting pacesetters membership to us (and his 'brainwashing' mission leads us to the painful ending =.=). Anyway, he's super friendly and visited our camp frequently, always came to encourage us not to give up.

Ok la, more stories and photos will be up next. My legs are so pain I wish I can just roll around the house and not walking... =/