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Movie I Watched

1) Real Steel

Lim Tino 'threatened' us to watch the movie together as she would delete the movie afterwards without even letting us to copy whatsoever. Cruel SonnanaBeach LOL. So there we were, settling down in the couch and watching this movie together.

The beginning of the movie is a little dull, especially during the times when Charlie (Hugh Jackman) was in the 堕落 state. Unbearable to see. As the movie goes on, things start to progress: the father/son relationship; the making of fighting robot etc etc. Who doesn't like fighting robot??

The last part is really really cool, the match between Atom and Zeus. Tino asked us to go for toilet break, this and that because "You simply cannot miss the last part!!", and she is so darn right! The final battle is superbly awesome, and I bet you can already start imagining me being all excited, swinging my fists back and forth.

Anyway, the threat was a false alarm. She watched the movie for 4-5 times, and she's gonna wat…

The Chronicles of M&M - OKU in the house :(


I am so freaking sad...

It all started with his abnormal behavior. The ever active and energetic Moz suddenly went silent and stood still with head down on Monday evening, even when my hand approached him (Yeah, after 7 months of owning them, they still afraid of me). After grabbing him out of the cage and inspect carefully, I saw a grey cloudy layer on his left eye, something like a cataract. Stupid me of not being cautious enough to send him to the vet, I decided to stay put and see how things go.

On the next day (Tues), suddenly the defected eye has pus all over it, and it looked nasty. I hurriedly ran to the Jabatan Veterinari Negeri (State Veterinary Department) to ask whether they have treatment experience with guinea pig. With a yes, I sent him in to see the vet.

By the time the vet looked at him, he shook his head and said:"Sorry, the eye is totally defected..." I was like:"He's blind!?!" :-(

When I asked him if there's anything they can do about it,…

The Chronicles of M&M - Transportation + Temporary Accomodation

Not sure if it's right for me to say they bring me friendship luck or something, but ever since I keep them, I've known a bundle of friends who have been asking me out so often, home is just a place for me to sleep, and I begin to feel the 'exhaustion' and miss home so badly... IN Kangar. (Is not so keen to go out when I am in hometown...)

One of the 'BIG' problems of keeping this two furbrats is the transportation and temporary accommodation. As they getting bigger now (Moz measures at 885g and Man 750g), they need more space to feel comfortable when I bring them balik kampung with me. Hence, I come out with this idea:

^Blue, smaller one is for transportation; Black, bigger one is for temporary cage

^From heaven to hell!!

But this cage is definitely much much better than the box that I used to carry them back once; better ventilation and all. Plus point is it's easier to clean!

Last weekend I went back home again for cheng beng, but since it's only three d…

Movie I Watched - Environmental Theme

Went for movies last weekend at Alor Star with a 'new found' you-know-who-you-are buddy. :) It's a movie marathon, and also an animation movie marathon, and also an environmental theme movie marathon... blah blah... Anyway, here goes my humble nonsense movie reviews:

P/s: it's been 3 weeks after I watched these movies, so they are basically under the test of 'how good their impression is to me', totally review ah~

1) Seefood

One of the common problem found on local production film is that, they want to squeeze whole lot of elements into one single movie. I found myself checking my watch every 10 minutes because of the bland and not-so-intense conversations and scene, plus I did something I never would have done while watching movie: chit chat.

The eel-like thingy and the army of long-legged crabs are totally out of the picture. What's the point? To take revenge on Julius, that 双重性格 whitetip shark? and the 'double face' stingray too. I was so clueless …

A Series of Unfortunate BUS Events

Balik kampung again on Thursday night for 清明 grave cleaning day. Everyone was weird about it as they usually did it before the actual day (4th April). Anyway, there's a saying of 十天前十天后 ten days before and after about the grave cleaning duration, so it's excusable.

I must have strike the extremely bad luck with buses lately. The previous one happened during my BIL's funeral, where for the first time in my life, I have to catch the bus from Kangar to Alor Star because of their stupid system!!!

This time, it's even worse. Here goes my dramatic as usual Seconds-From-Disaster version of story re-tell:
9pm, Kangar. The bus arrived at Kangar bus station. I got up, feeling weird and annoyed with a swamp of children gathering at the front and back of the bus. Bus 90% full.
9.40pm, Changlun. The bus was filled to overflowing of passengers with tickets and those tumpang. The bad news came, when the driver announced that our bus ROSAK and he would send us to Alor Star to catch the …





1) 之前搬家时就是受‘禁忌’之苦。因为新房客的母亲不允许她在农历七月搬家,真巧那个月最后一天就是农历七月初一!!所以我无论如何都得在最后一天前搬出去!吾旧房东和我都很无可奈何啊~~还时不时在她背后闲话家常 :p

2) 话说,我在外公灵堂守夜时,和表弟俩(别人都进入梦田了)在外公棺材旁三更半夜地边烧纸钱边看《The Orphan》 和 《Black Swan》 的啊~!当然没什么好炫耀的,可是我每每提起时,每个人都很unbelivable地瞪大眼睛看着我,让我有种“你不够我厉害咧!?”的感觉,很爽下...

etc etc etc... (纯粹想不出其他例子...)