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p/s: the line here is still very the teruk, so sorry for making my entry more boring without pictures >.<

Oh yeah! i left out the most important information about my uni..

To be frank, my unis compound is *HUGE*!


Well, the uni's campus(es) are actually all over Perlis~~~* (YES, it's very the true)

Put the campus and lecture halls and offices aside first.. Even our hostels are located at various places too~

My hostel is at some place called Kampung Wai. It's actually a one-storey 排屋 housing estate, but bcoz it is located right NEXT to kawasan pelupusan sampah (yes, it jz beside our hostel, but luckily not smelly at all), so the houses here not laku, then the uni bought it up to make it our hostel.

The hostel is something like the picture shown here, but they locked our gates to prevent we park our car in front of our house >.< (coz my neighbour did that, and kena saman) Luckily my house is near the back gate, so we don hv to go one BIG round just to enter our house.

There's 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms in one house, just something like the normal house, but they do partition near the back door for one more small room, just nice for one person. 7 people in one house. I have 1 indian housemate(who is also my roomate), 1 siamese and 4 malays. Exclude the siamese girl, 6 of us are in same course and same class.<<< This is the back yard.

There's another hostel at a place called Wang Ulu (Yup, same as its name, the place is very ulu), and my teakwon-do class is held there every saturday night. All of the first years' and last intakes' stay there, so we wonder why us the diploma holder who can straight away jump to 2nd year one kena dumped here.. >.< (Anyhow, i prefer here compare to wang ulu la.. hehe~~*)

Ok la, talk about my campus pulak. At first, i thought the definition of *distributed campus* is something like the-hostel-is-elsewhere-while-the-campus-is-another-side-of-the-town kind of campus.. Well, it is, BUT they divide up the campus too! So generally, we have classes at various places too. Luckily, for this sem, I only have classes in 3 places only. Feel like listing down the campus: (hehe...)
1. Kubang Gajah (the furthest of all.. I don have class here)
2. Jejawi (The main departmental office, and the most dangerous place to wait for uni buses, coz hardly got bus will pass by there, and almost all of those admin-kind of thingy can only be done there *Nightmare*)
3. Dragon & Phoenix (Most of my classes are at here..)
4. Taman Muhibah
5. Automart (most of engineering skills' lab and bengkels are here..)
6. Kampung Wai (yup, just beside our hostel. Lotz of computer labs and thermodynamics labs are here, and i have 2 classes here! the most 幸福 thing of all =P )
7. KWSP (right in the middle of Kangar. Got one class here.)
etc etc...

So far, the most tiring part of studying here is to wait bus and wait bus and wait bus luh.. *Thumbs up for the lectures and tutorials and labs and everything* So i'll just have to be abit more patient to wait for my parents to send my baby dear car here for me..


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