The Chronicles of M&M: The End

After painstaking consideration, I decided to let my boys go.

It wasn't the first time I have this thought. In fact, the time when Mozzie passed away, I thought about putting up Manny for adoption, but somehow, I decided to give it another try and took Mojo in instead.

This time, for so many reasons (that seems to be excuses after all), I put my boys up for adoption/sell and sold them to a youngster in KL.

I have always wanted a pet of my own. I am always surrounded by pets, dogs in particular. My house has few dogs, both my maternal and paternal grandparents' places have dogs. However, these dogs weren't literally my pet. My duty was to release their latch and play with them, while all those daily routines like feeding, toilet train etc were done by my parents, mom in particular.

When I moved to a new place with more space and the convenience of keeping a pet, I sorted to guinea pig, which has been my desire since 2004. One of the main reasons of wanting a pet is to see my persistence on taking care of them in daily basis, being the daily routines of feeding and cleaning and repeating twice daily, not to mention the major cage cleaning on the weekends and bathing etc.

I took in Manny and Mojo.

It was a bliss to have them as my first pet, as they taught me how to be a good owner, and I did it, based on the compliments I get from fellow friends who watched the way I take care of them. They also brought another 'luck' for me - I started to have few new group of local friends and my social activities increased, which means from time to time, I need to ask for favor to feed them.

Mozzie passed away at the end of last year for unknown reason. Mojo was bought into the house to pair up with Manny, gave me the first hand experience of new-piggie-introduction thingy and it was fun.

However, at the end of the day, the commitment of keeping them is affected by a lot of circumstances, and I made a choice of giving them up.

I posted the sales post in few guinea pig FB pages, and a youngster in KL is interested to take them. Hon accompanied me to send the boys over to the girl's house in Bukit Antarabangsa, cried in his cuddle, and being a sweet heart he tried his best to make me feel better.

Thank you boys. Thanks for the good time you guys have given me. I cherish every moment of it. :)


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