Breakfast in Glenfiddich's

NOT exactly.

We went to Botanical Garden (new name) aka Lake Garden aka Taman Tasik Perdana nearby the Parlimen for a breakfast picnic. Wanted to go picnic by a stream or waterfall but I scared it triggered the flu again so we cancelled that plan.

It's been awhile since I last visited this park. Last time I remembered I was there because of work - setting up booth for a running event.

The park is really big and nice, I wish I could bring my foldie for a ride here. The park is well-maintained, a lot of picnic benches and tables, you can even bring along a mat and sit on the grass. A great place to paktoh, as long as it doesn't rain.

Hon caught up with his game so I strolled alone checking out the scenic view and taking pictures.

Some big bird, Hon called it 'the big fat hen' when he saw it flew across the stream
 We did some random activities like put a peanut and rice on the ground and observe how the ants move them.
Moving the peanut, pretty awesome if you ask me
We looked like a bunch of kids, squatting down in awe of nature's work. I'm not sure what is it between boys and ants, a lot of guys I know told me their childhood involved a lot of ants-playing, and some is pretty harsh. There's a lot less bugs and insects in my childhood, mostly dogs and mud.

Then we went to the opposite to visit the Tugu Negara aka National Monument.

I am here finally!!
The monument is very impressive I wanted to sing National Anthem in front of it! I nearly wanted to but I didn't, Hon did though and it's quite embarrassing hahaha! Now I know how the people around me feel when I do embarrassing stuff LOL.


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