Fit Malaysia Perlis 2016

Few weeks back I've seen people checking my blog with keyword 'Fit Malaysia Perlis 2016', which would definitely lead them to last year's event. Despite my itchiness effort of writing a prequel post prior to this year's event, I don't have any idea what to write coz... there's just ain't anything to write about. Anyway...

Fit Malaysia (FM) Perlis 2016 was held at IKBN Kuala Perlis on 8th May 2016.
The starting and finish line for Run and Ride

Main stage

FM was held before Perlis Marathon this year, and since we were somehow registered as a member under Rainbow Jersey Team website (the main organizer of FM), we were notified through email regarding the event. Since I did online registration on the FM Run the same time I registered 5km Perlis Marathon (more about the 'downgrade' of Perlis Marathon run later), I didn't bother to check the verification/confirmation email because I more kan cheong on the Perlis Marathon registration - cause it involved payment.

This year, I didn't register for the Ride because my foldie's seat was 'swapped' with the crappy broken plastic ones!!! Arghhhh!!!! I was so mad!!! This happened some months ago but I still pissed.

Anyway, back to the registration, two days before the event when it was time to collect the bib, I checked my name on the Rainbow Jersey website and couldn't find it! Whaaat~~~ Then I went back to check my email and there's no confirmation email. :o Went back to the website and realized you have to 'check out' your shopping cart because the registration merely put your registration in the shopping cart. Since it's free I didn't bother to check the shopping cart lah, so did few of my friends. At the not-very last minute, I decided not to join the Run  as I need to send Wendy to the Kuala Perlis Jetty that morning and we had two sessions of Zumba this year. Oh boy that was so much fuuuun!!

IKBN is not really an ideal place for such a big event since there's not much parking around. We can't get into the institution compound as there's only one way in and out, everyone had to park by the roadside. Imagine thousands of people flocking to that place at the same time!! It was so much better when they did it at UiTM Arau last year as we could park inside the university using the other gate that was not occupied, and because it's big enough to fit all the cars and people in it.

I had so much fun haha! We were asked to be there by 10am although the first Zumba session was supposedly at 12.20pm. Be there so early also nothing much to do so I joined in the fun as at that time, it's Les Mills Body Combat!!!

Me in green, spot me spot me!! :)

So many people under the shade/tent because it's the first (after prize giving ceremony) event after the running and cycling session, so all the runners and cyclists gathered around the tent and DO NOTHING! I was hyped because several Zumba gangs were there joining the fun, so I jumped right in, but when Theresa was snapping our pictures, she saw 80% of the people just stood still and watched. 0.0 That I cannot comprehend. How can you resist the urge to wiggle and move your body with that music and the energetic instructors on stage! I really don't get that lah.

After only 15 minutes I was drenched in sweat and it's so hot, I had to stop lol. I told Theresa about the interesting things at the surrounding tents last year and wanted to check out what other interesting stuffs were they bringing in this year.

There's a bouncy castle and a short Spartan Race course at the side, ISN (Institusi Sukan Negara) was there too, and this year they had FMS (Functional Movement Screening/System/Assessment)!!! Wow! I've always wanted to try this ever since I actively started 'light' weight training but donno where to do! I didn't take any pictures coz it took a long time and I didn't want Theresa to wait there do nothing.

While I was waiting for my turn, I chatted up with the person-in-charge (and also to show/boast my knowledge about this coz I can assume a lot of people doesn't know about this FMS thing LOL). He explained what each movements is testing on and emphasize the difficulty of rotary stability. He said all national athletes whom they tested can do it perfectly, but they haven't had a chance to test on Lee Chong Wei. Mana boleh macam tu~~~

 Info from this website and this website: The FMS is a ranking and grading system used to expose any physical limitations or weak links that increase the possibility of injuries. Functional limitations, weakness and imbalances can be identified by screening basic human movement patterns. The traditional screen includes seven movements - the overhead squat, hurdle, in-line lunge, shoulder mobility, active straight leg raise, trunk stability push-up and rotary stability. The athlete receives a score of 0-3 for each movement and the highest possible score on the 7-point test is 21. My score is 18!!!! Bwahahaha!!! The lady who showed me how to do each movements complimented me on my fitness =) I didn't show it then but inside me I had a gloating smirk bwahaha!! Humble on the outside gloating on the inside bwahaha! I had a score of 2 on right leg stepping, push-up and rotary stability, here's the explanation:
Hurdle Step - my right leg is slightly tighter hence I can't raise my legs straight up to step across the thread, a little wiggly. My upper body was stable and firm so that's good.
Trunk Stability Push-up - The push-up was not the 'traditional' push-up that I know, but instead you lay flat on the ground and, well, push up! That's first time for me. The analysis showed that my shoulder is strong as I can push my upper body up but my core and butt don't follow together, it means the upper and lower body move up separately which means either I have a weak core or a weak lower back, since they are not strong enough to enable me to push my whole body up in one straight line. That means more crunches and deadlifts then~
Rotary Stability - OMG this one is so hard!! It's a donkey kicks (I always call it that, not sure if it's correct or wrong) or birddog, but it's on one side, same arms and legs instead of opposite side. I cannot balance at all, on both sides, left and right! The Mr said my right side was supposed to have better stability since I am right-side dominant, but, nope, both sides are balancely unbalanced lol, which is both good and bad lah.

Such a long story on FMS, sorry... Moving on~~ They (The ISN) also had the same-like-last-year stationary bike cycling competition, they had a food bar that serves healthy smoothies and snacks. There was a in-line skating rental too, but because it was so hot, I didn't want to pay RM5 to be under the sun for 30 min. I didn't pay much attention on the other booths coz there's too many people and I was still so excited and gloated about the FMS test haha!

Our Zumba session was postponed to 1.30pm! OMG! By the time our session started, there was already so few people left, in fact, the majority of the participants there were our gang haha! I told Theresa this is like one of her class, it's just that the venue got so much bigger LOL.

Our bunch
We had a late lunch because of that and I was super hungeli!

Theresa's treat and also Eima's Mothers' Day's cupcakes yum yum!
The crowd slowly dispersed and by the time our 3.30pm session started, there was even less people than the previous one. No matter, we had fun!!

Ours was the last session and we literally 'closed' the FM event hehe. Since there's not many people around and the bouncy castle was still inflated, me, Cheylih and Arnie had our childhood bug on and we climbed up the bouncy castle! All the kids who were up there watched us amusingly while taking shades LOL. Ini tiga orang makcik ni ada masalah ke? Hahaha~

The castle was so hot after whole day taking in the sunshine our butt buuuuuuurns~~~ =D

The day ended with me lepak at Theresa's house while waiting for Wendy to return, I brought back some of the food from our lunch, had a contented dinner and slept!


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