Perlis Marathon 2016 - 5 km

Quick update!

Joined the 10 km category last year; this year I joined the 5 km category together-gether with Hon.
.:website here:.

Yeah I know right? last year 10 km this year 5 km. Eeeeeeeveryone was like: "Why you terbalik/'topeng'/reverse one?? People usually 'upgrade'; YOU on the other hand..."

LOL hear me out.

This year they threw in the full marathon FM 42 km category (as promised), registration fee RM50 (early bird). Then half marathon HM 21 km and 10 km same fee RM30 (early bird) and 5 km RM10. The difference between HM and 10 km despite the same entry fee is that, HM has a finisher tee and 10 km doesn't. So, the 'runners' common sense' tells us it's better to join HM lah as you get an extra tee, finisher tee no less! But the 'commoner common sense' is wiser lah, crazy ah 10 km also wanna die dy still wanna go for 21!? I would rather cycle 100 km rather than run 21 km.

Our last year clan divided into 3 different categories: Me the most siasui went for 5 km; Johnson and Fook went for 21 km and FHoon the most hebat went for FULL!! It's her first try so she very nervous, yet didn't train much.

The flag off was a little odd. FM started as early as 12.01am, HM at 12.30am, 10 km at 7am and 5 km at 7.30am. This is the first time I heard of FM and HM flag off at midnight instead of the usual 2 or 3 or 4am.

The competition tee this year is Ultron Micro-Dry which is very soft and comfy. Not to forget the highlighted color too LOL!

Hon and I went for the 3D2N bike touring to Hatyai (again, and story will be up next) and we just arrived Kangar the day before. Next day went for running event haha we so kuat! We stayed at Hotel Ventura (visit so often the staffs are super friendly with Hon) which is also part of the FM and HM route so when I got up in the middle of the night I saw few runners passing by our hotel.

Met up with Theresa and Arnie right before flag off (they both joined 5 km too), nice overcast weather, slow and steady pace, the time is 54 min when I passed the finishing line, official result not out yet and Strava decided to not record my run at all ARGH!! 

Hon's pace was a little.... ahem... too slow so I overtook him at the final km, he arrived 3 minutes behind me. 

We stayed back for the lucky draw. Rain came at around 9am but everyone was too excited about that grand lucky draw prize - Peugeot 408 Turbo!!! -  so it didn't chase the people away LOL. Luck was not at our side too this year as the car was won by, I think, a 5 km runner.

Overall, it was quite a good run. My Reebok's soles are pretty hard nowadays so it wasn't too comfy to run in, yet since I ran at a slow pace following Hon's pace, it wasn't tired and breathless. I think I can go for the next 5 km run or maybe 'upgrade' to 10 again? =) 21 km seems so far away so no thanks.


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