HIIT The Obesity Charity Run: 7 km run 6 HIIT stations

Ganged-up with FY, we joined the HIIT The Obesity Charity Run at Kota Kemuning last weekend.

This charity run was organised by Anytime Fitness Malaysia for the Great Heart Charity Association (Persatuan Kasih Sejati) and the proceeds raised from the run would be 100% contribute to the association.

Honestly I wasn't so noble lah about joining this event, let the organiser think about the fund raising. I was excited when Theresa first broke the news, so I quickly asked my fitness-partner-in-crime FY to join as a team of 2 together.

Everything was as vague and clueless, up til the very last week only we were announced what kind of workout routines at every station, and OMG it was hard!!

7 km run + 6 HIIT stations to complete:

HIIT station 1: Mountain climber x 50 (left right count ONE)
HIIT station 2: Hurdle jump x 30
HIIT station 3: Explosive jack x 20
HIIT station 4: Burpee x 20
HIIT station 5: Pommel jump x 50 (in, out count ONE)
HIIT station 6: Alternate lunges jump x 30


I tried the whole routine once in the gym minus the run, couldn't even finish the alternate lunge jump OMG!!

In order to get the finisher medal, you have to collect all 6 wristbands from the 6 stations. If you register in team, say team of 2, you can divide the work and both of you can get the medal.

We stayed at the nearby Kino Hotel for convenience purpose. We spent whole day at 1 Utama the day before hahaha!

Call me haughty, but as a HIIT enthusiast, I find it unacceptable as most of the participants didn't actually know/realize what they got themselves into. Seriously, I overheard someone said "I don't even know what hiit is! LOL" -____- LOL your head.

Since this run was, I think, one of its kind in Malaysia thus far, everything was really new to the participants, the organisers, the coaches at each station etc.

I absolutely love/hate the workout at each station, and I definitely didn't like the running part the most LOL. Although as a team, we could divide our routine, but in the end both of us did all the stations and earned our own wristband hehe!


We pakat wore the T shirt from Theresa's 6 weeks METAFIT challenge and we were the few blacks in the sea of fluorescent green!

OK it was fun! Let play again if they have season 2!! :D


Tess said…
You two were well noticed in your black tees. As your coach, I am damn proud of both of you.

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