Miri one day trip

Went to Miri last wednesday for AED+ training with Benjamin.. (My first trip going across South China Sea) Frank, the trip was boring and tired! *slap forehead* Just imagine if you take a flight at 0725 (means you have to be at the airport at 0630), and come back same day at 1900~ yes, it's tiring...

The first impression when i reached there was:"wow... just like kaybee.."; then later on when the taxi started to drive into the town:"wow... just like tanah merah"; when went around the town, there's one place that made me think:"wow.. just like kuantan.."

Anyway, Miri is a small town with quite complicating roads (almost the same as kaybee's road: close big roads, open small roads..)

The training took around 3 hours to finish (1100 til 1400), had a simple lunch, and both Benjamin and I were 'abandoned' at the hotel where our customers were staying coz our flight was at 7pm.. (p/s: WiFi is provided in that hotel, so... >.< )

I didn't bring laptop ofcoz, so i had no other choice but walking around the hotel, and the fun part was the hotel is actually beside a beach le~ hehe... Although it was hot (i walked around there at 3pm, hot sun above my head..), it was fun.. It's been a long time ever since i last visited a beach..

<<<--- by the beach side where there's a funny shape of trees all over there...

And it was definitely my first time listening to mp3 while reading Dan Brown's by the beach~ awesome!! *thumbs up*


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