*tough hash cycling ride*

Woh... This ride is much much more tougher than the one i did at Sepang months ago.. *sweat* Anyway, it's fun too! =p

This ride took place at a place called serendah, somewhere near rawang.. There's one waterfall recreation park there (Not sure the name)

As usual lar, the hash ride is divided to two rides: Short and Long one.. So since i did a good job on my first ride, they encouraged me to go for the long ride again.. But this time, with more cautious advices, coz they said the road is very the steep and not very easy to ride..

And YES! the road is damn steep... At the beginning of the ride, GOSH!!! so steep, and we had to push our bike up almost the whole going uphill session! *sweat* And.. hmm... i think its about 10km of pushing uphill *slap forehead* So along the way up, could hear alot of cursing and four-letter-word shouting among the riders... One of the organisers drove their truck up to the almost top-est part of the hill to distribute 100plus.. *thank goodness*!!

When we reach the most top peak, it's time for the steepy downhill! But deng~ The downhill is quite steep and alot of sand and holes, so we had to do non-stop breaking and damn good control of our bike.. Anyway, i fell off the bike once too, a slight 'scratch' near my knee, my elbow and my back..

We had to go through quite some numbers of small streams and muddy spot, so our shoes got damn wet.. My thigh almost cramp too during almost 2/3 of the ride coz i think i pushed myself too hard when pushing the bike uphill, luckily there's one guy who brought one tube of counterpain-kind-of-gel along with him, i applied it and had one sachet of powerbar gel which Mr Tan gave me, then had a 'simple' shower (pouring a 500ml water from top of your head)

We finished the ride at about 1-something pm. Then we had our lunch at Rawang.. GOSH! I ate 2-and-a-half bowl of rice~ During their conversation, even they(the pro cyclists) also said this ride is quite tough and *dramatic*.. Why? Tell you something, the organisers didn't put enough papers along the ride(p/s: the papers are to show the riders the right track and right way to go), But there's also alot of T-junctions kind of road all along the ride, luckily I was with one rider who quite familiar with the area, those who followed the wrong way, they ended up going to ulu yam!! Then came back with the police truck.. *sweat*

OK!! end of story! pictures time:

<<<--- my injured elbow (sorry hah, actually i wanna take the hand's picture oni, the owner of the elbow accidently ter-take oso.. =p )

<<<--- injured knee.. (not so clear..)

<<<--- black-green right leg

<<<--- sun burn mark on my right leg. same thing happens to my left leg.. The contrast is very the clear! *slap forehead* So no short/hot pant in this period of time..
<<<--- muddy shoe and socks! p/s: the shoe was newly bought yesterday.. So this can consider a grand opening ceremony for this RM40 Power shoe~


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