One Day Hatyai Trip

Went to Hatyai for a one day trip yesterday (Sunday) with the badminton friends.

The last time I was in Hatyai when I was Standard four liddat!! They were 'amazed' as well that I never been to Hatyai once although I've been here for few years.

We departed at around 8am by car, crossed the border, had breakfast at Padang town, then headed to Hatyai which was around 2 hours driving distance.

When we finally arrived Hatyai, we parked the cars at Tesco Lotus and took tuk-tuk to a Bazaar kind of place (I didn't ask for the name -___-). Bought a lime green T there for first day of CNY, but the other theme, purple superhero, was no way to be found.

Next stop is Lee Garden. I finally stepped foot on the very 'famous' Lee Garden, where everyone's talking about when topic about Hatyai arose. Had a buffet lunch at a Japanese buffet restaurant inside Lee Garden, the name is something with Oishi...

^Kami bertiga: me, qiao wen and ha ji

We sat in front of the 'kitchen'! Here's where they serve and put all the plates of meats, veggies and stuff on the conveyor belt. It's the best seats ever as we were the first few people to take the food off the belt, so we can even choose the ones we like and what not.

^look at the meat!

^...and now, food feast begins!

It's very crowded and there's a long queue outside the restaurant. Each person is given a specific duration of time to eat. I think it's around 1 hours 50 min or something. So the tactics here is to first 回本 and stuff yourselves up in that period of time. Besides the steamboat, there's also sushi, fruits, beverage and ice cream.

After makan, shopping time at Tesco and night market. I'm always crazy about looking at the clothes at the price of RM10 (equivalent to 100Baht) and so on, so spent money like don't have to think one haha!

^Total = 2254 Baht (including food + transportation)


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