New Year Post

After countless invitation, I finally went to Ai Ling (housemate)'s house in Penang for new year countdown and weekend getaway.

We arrived at Juru Auto-city at around 6pm to avoid traffic jam. Strolled around the place and had dinner at IceIceBaby.

P/S: The Star published the picture of the crowd with us inside on the front page!! :D

^ Dinner~

Well, it's quite a boring night I must say. It was the most un-happening and 'quiet' new year countdown event I've ever been to (this was the second time I've been to one though, LOL)

There was a Belly Dance Competition held. We fought our way to the 'front line' for a better sight, which we all regret to the max half way. The competition was kinda bored as almost all contestants were the same in all categories. So, 来来去去都是那些人, a little too plain.

^The MC and audience was playing some games on the stage

After the competition was over, we thought at least some good performance should be taken place now. NO. =.=

^A band called Aura21

.....Sigh. They totally cooled down the whole crowd. Everyone was so calm, so quiet, so speechless, and so emotionless. I couldn't hear a word from their rap, their dance was odd and weird, the music was louder than the singer, the whole thing was just so dull.

^ MJ Suren

...He lip-sync, the dance wasn't impressive, we were disappointed. :(

^ 小鬼 黄鸿升

Finally a good one appeared. Unfortunately, all the songs he sang were his new songs, which I'm not familiar at all. So in the crowd, only his fans in the rock zone was all high and excited while us at the 'outside fence' were again calm, quiet and emotionless.

The worst part was we were surrounded by 'foreigners' who kept pushing themselves to the front. They squeezed themselves into the tiny empty space, one dude even put his hand on the fence in between me and my friend, which we couldn't understand of his purpose.

After the fireworks, we quickly ran away from the scene.

Happy part: Shopping!!!

Seriously, Ai Ling and her cousin Li Ling is good 'stylist'. Most of the clothes I bought were recommended and 'approved' by them! :p



^Banana Clip

...and some good bargain also!!

^Reebok sport shoe, 50% off :D

^Vita di Casa Paramedic Memory Pillow, 75% off :D


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