Suits (Update)

Cooling down, after blurting...

This post was actually written last week, but the context would literally return back to talk about how good is the series, so I decided to change course: talking about the series.

Currently, I have been seriously addicted to the series - Suits. This legal drama combination of Harvey and Mike is something like White Collar's Neal and Peter, just that Neal is way more cunning and witty, while Mike is emotional, naive and soft. Lighter than The Good Wife, just nice for entertainment wise.

Why do I always have the feeling that the people in IMDB takes everything so seriously?

There's a statement I like the most in this series, spoken by two persons in almost the same episode (if I'm not mistaken) - Anchor.

Mike has this friend, Trevor, who talked him into cheating in test and weed dealing. Mike almost got busted in the pilot episode, and that's when he met his 'saviour', Harvey (and Donna, indirectly...)

Both Harvey and Mike's grandmother say the exact same thing about Trevor, that he is an anchor dragging Mike down, ask Mike to get rid of him... and Mike would say things like:"...but he is my oldest friend!" Duh~

I am 2 episodes away from the season finale, and this is how I feel about the characters in the show (and I don't even think I have did such things ever to any of the shows I watched, maybe because the characters in this show are so...chaotic?):

1) Harvey Specter: Cool, mature, handsome, rich, it's like the combination of George Clooney and Robert Downey Jr. blend into one (外貌wise). Love his poker face very much, especially when he confronts Mike's 'misbehavior' and Louis's annoyance. He is, by far, my most favorable character in this show, followed by Donna.

2) Mike Ross: Have this love-hate feeling towards him. 10 episodes down, I still don't really appreciate his character, although he is one of the main stars in it. Almost every episode ends with him worrying about being exposed (as a fake Harvard Law graduate) and Harvey telling him not to. There's few times when Mike blows a deal and Harvey mocks and rolls eye on him, I would do the same thing. The only time I would admire seeing him is when he's on his bike, makes me wanna ride my bicycle too!

3) Donna: She is Harvey's assistant and I love her to the max! Every of her appearance is always amusing with all those catchy words and high level sarcasm!

4) Rachel: Paralegal, suffers from test anxiety, yada yada. Paralegals in Suits are not as expose-under-the-spotlight as The Good Wife, so she doesn't really shine like Kalinda (...then after googling, only that I know they are two different career. Oops on my ignorant)

5) Louis Litt: Honestly, what is he doing in this show? He is nothing but a joke!

6) Others: Jessica - plays a very persevering founding partner of the firm, loves it when she gets the chance to get back on Harvey, and her default poses while sitting on her office couch; Trevor - nothing but an anchor, not interested; Jenny - Hmm... too little screen time.



Now that I've finished watching the season finale, here's some 'altered' updates I would like to add:
i) Harvey is still a darling, as well as Donna. (note the bias? LOL)
ii) Still not really like Mike, especially when the smart Rachel fell for him and he's struggling emotionally between Jenny and Trevor.
iii) Louis, he specializes in financial crime, and yes he is darn good on it, he even win Harvey in an asset division case, but still I don't like him, at all!
iv) Trevor, another wily person who I despise, decides to retaliate on Mike at the end of the season finale when he finds out Mike is seeing Jenny. 1 - yeah dude so mature of you doing such thing to your oldest friend because of a girl; 2 - he is definitely an anchor!


Anonymous said…
Waiting for u to give me the series~^^

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