The Sick Society

Watched a video on FB about a quarrel incident in Singapore MRT.

Was reluctant to watch at first because it would affect the mood, to see how sick the society is/how rude a person can be blah blah, especially when the title reads 'Guy Quarrels and Spits on Old Man on MRT'. Watched it anyway, by reading the comments first.

The beginning of the video, I felt a little weird because in the comment/description, it's about the priority seat thingy, and, well, there's an empty seat beside that priority seat. According to report, the elderly refused the seat given up by a young guy, and ask the man sitting in the priority seat to give up the seat instead. The priority seat guy got offended and the fight started. The video was noisy because there's yelling and shouting, plus there's an infant sitting next to both man! The spitting part was indeed shocking to me.

The reason why the priority guy was shouting 'racist' is because the young man who gave up his seat was a Malay, and, yeah, you can make your own assumption. I made mine here.

Anyway, what makes me amused and irritated at the same time here is from this forum. Not sure what is the forum about/for but it is definitely against Singapore as they refer Singapore as Sinkieland.

Quote post #22, a forumer named 'halsey02':

"Just press the emergency button & report you are seeing a suspicious person...the old man have no RIGHT to the seat. This a courtesy sign & I hope all of us remember this. It is the right of the paying passenger who is sitting down on that seat to be courteous to give up that seat to an elderly, pregnant woman & disable person. Those in that category have no RIGHT to demand for that seat or expected to be given that seat, unless they pay a premium price above what normal paying passengers pay for that RESERVE seat.

It is out of courtesy , we give up the seat we are seating off & it is our RIGHT that we do not get up, we do not get in FREE. The RESERVE seat thing is a F#$@g joke.."

 Seriously? Are you effing kidding me? I bet that halsey02 fella is a young person who thinks he/she will never get old, will be healthy all his/her life, and, if she is a she, will never get pregnant, or, if he is a he, his wife will never get pregnant.

This reminded me of a FB status I read quite some time ago, about a friend's friend complaining about the existence of disables because he/she couldn't find a parking spot and the empty ones are for the disables.

What is wrong with these people?? What is wrong with the society?? I've seen people not giving up their seats, and, yeah, some pretended to sleep or completely ignore the surrounding and such. There was few times when I gave up my seat, the way people look at me as if I'm pretending to be a good Samaritan who is just trying to get some credit.

Not only common sense is absent already, the society is getting sick too. Sigh.


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