Kuching Trip Summary

It's been two weeks, and I've been struggling about writing a blog about it (very rare) because somewhere deep inside me is fighting the will of not writing as I'm not thoroughly wanted to. Reason being - personal and human reason.

In fact, I have been drafting and deleting and drafting and deleting again so many times, as comparable to my struggle of writing an academic journal paper, I finally decided to let go of writing a detailed one and simply provide a summary of the trip.

We went to Kuching on 29th June til 2 July for a simple getaway. We being me, my two housemates Long and Jessica, Liu, my former housemate Ai Ling, and her cousin Li Ling.

Being a local, Long has been nothing but an awesome host, including his parents. On the first night, Ai Ling and me stayed up until almost 1AM, listening to his mother's stories.

The trip can be divided into two main genre: food and places to visit.


For god-knows-how-many-times Long has been mentioning how different Kuching's food is compare to Peninsular's, and how much he misses it, and it usually ends with a slight hungry tummy and him moaning "OMG I miss my hometown I wanna go back now!"

Now that we were there, we get to taste it, first hand.

I spare you the details of food description and whatnot since I'm quite terrible in describing food and its taste, but here goes the list of makan places we went to and another list of food we've eaten.

Makan places:
- Fresh Food Court 新鲜, Kota Sentosa, 7th Mile 七里
- Jalan Padungan
- 101 Food Court
- Stutong
- Ah Tiong FooChow Fried 大蚂蚁店

Food we ate (in the brackets are the shops that, in my humble opinion, serves the best of it):
- Tea C Special / Three layer Teh C
- Kolo Mee (Fresh FC; adding vinegar can enhance the taste)
- Kampua Mee (Fresh FC; best served with chilli sauce mix together)
- Sarawak Laksa (tastes the same everywhere)
- Siu Bee 烧卖
- Kompia 光饼 (had it in 101 FC and I think it's nice)
- 福州炒面,炒煮面,糟菜粉干,马尼菜炒米粉 FooChow Fried food (Ah Tiong FooChow Fried)
- 'Jeng' pork soup 猪杂汤 (Stutong)
- Tomato Fried 茄汁炒粉

Overall, the food kinda suits my taste bud, and the common comment we have is that Kuching's food is milder and sweeter in taste than the Peninsular, as in Mandarin, 口味比较清淡.

2) Places to visit

- Kuching Tower
- Cat statues at Jalan Padungan and Waterfront
- Waterfront aka the Promenade, overlooking the Kuching DUN Hall at the opposite of the river
- Cat Museum
- Bako National Park (didn't manage to go due to timing issue)
- 青山严 A sacred temple nearby Bako jetty
- Sarawak Cultural Village
(do take note that you only need to pay RM15 for the entrance fee when you show your student card, but without the passbook)
- Tasik Biru in Pekan Bau

***   ***   ***

The sentimental part, still considering if I want to write one, and if I do, it's gonna be in Mandarin...


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