Ipoh Merdeka Jamming Trip

...yeah, it's the... *counting* third trip already and we are shy of 2 weeks for our 2-monthaversary.

What to do? I hooked up a travel addict...

It was a plan out of 'we wanna meet each other but flight of him coming AOR or me going KL is expensive', so we sorted to both party settle half way – Ipoh.

Ajak Theresa along as she always has this sparkles in her eyes when she talks about Ipoh food, plus she knows the way. Too bad she was occupied for the weekend, so I traveled alone. Asked for the local, CK of a food guide, and he gave me a list of ‘tourist trap’ food places where in the end we didn’t go to half of it LOL.

I took the 8pm bus and reached Ipoh at about 12am. The road was full of motorists with ‘high’ Merdeka spirit. We had our supper at the Tong Sui Street 糖水街 and the mixed fruit ice was YUMMEH!

For the next one and a half day, we went around town eating famous Ipoh food, and avoided the ‘tourist trap’ places like 老黄 Lou Wong, 安记 On Kei, 富山 Fu Shan etc as these places are expected to be FULL of tourists and there’s no way the quality of food and the feeling of enjoying good meat can be maintained.

List of food/eating places we went:
1)  糖水街 Tong Sui Street - mixed fruit ice, wantan mee, hor hee fun 河喜 
2) 大树脚酿豆腐 Big Foot Tree Yong Taufu
3) Cafe 91 Tambun Inn - yumcha with Hon's friends
4) 文冬芽菜鸡 Buntong Taugeh Chicken
5) 樱花点心 Ying Fah (Sakura) old-school dimsum
6) 南香咖啡 Nam Heong - white coffee and egg tart
7) Burps and Giggles


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