Mom run-away-from-home Weekend Getaway to Perlis

Mom visits me over the weekend! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Initially she wanted to go KL during Raya Haji, which at that time both me and er jie were there too, and it's my birthday weekend too. The plan cancelled. When I asked her about it she said:"I don't know how to explain to you also", OK lah...

This weekend was kinda like a long weekend too, so I told dad about family trip to the North, then it got a little susah because of the baby, then I got fed up and told mom, "You see, actually I plan to get you our from home lah, you know like when you couldn't go to KL few weeks back? So this time run away from home and come lah!" and she was like "OK I understand liao I know what to do" hahaha!!

She came over on Friday morning (arrived) by bus. We spent whole day in the house, went out only to makan and walk-walk in C-mart. My housemates are not around as they gone to Beijing for 12 days, so I have the whole house for myself.

She took with her my Watsons Brand Kit!! I am selected as the winner of this 'Say YES to Watsons Brand' Contest hehehe!!

...although I would be happier if I get the mask kit lah. I have my own favorite shampoo set dy you give me this because I use Watsons' treatment wax ke? Now I pray I win the 16,000 Watsons points.

I made her a microwave version macaroni and cheese!

The San Remo La Pasta series are godsend! It was very simple, even the cook noob me also can cook a decent meal. However, it says there one packet is for 4 servings, but it's like 2 servings only for me!

Add low fat milk, hot water and butter as per instruction, mix well, put in the microwave uncovered, I set 100% power at 4 min - stir - 3 min - stir - 3 min - stir - let stand for 1 min.

I was a little kancheong (nervous) coz mom is not the western food kind of person, luckily she took it well lah. She said I quote:"This ar, it tastes quite nice loh, when you are hungry; when you are not hungry it is not nice loh"

OK I consider that bei min 给脸 me lah.

On Saturday we went to Penang for a day trip. I was not on my own to Penang every time (except for some appointment to one occasion like vet visit or conference), so this time I got nervous, again.

Lo bak at Kheng Pin cafe
Our list of food:
1) Kheng Pin Cafe, Penang Road: Lo bak (YUMs), porridge (YUMs) and wantan mee (not nice)
2) Penang Road Cendol and Oyster Omelette 
3) Lebuh Chulia forgot-what-name kopitiam wantan mee
4) New World Park food court: ais kacang, chee cheong fun, laksa, mee goreng mamak

In between, we watched 'The Book of Life' at Perangin Mall to 'waste' some time hehe. I almost fell asleep while watching.

This morning, we went to town morning market. We shopped for lunch ingredients and had breakfast.

Fried mixed veggie (cabbage, sawi, tomatoes), fried chicken, fried eggs, fish cakes, sausages and sorta-failed-but-turns-out-delicious microwave-baked potatoes + sausage. 

In fact, I even cooked rice with microwave! 

I must say the rice cooker ware is really handy! 
Using this!
I was frustrated with the microwave ever since I took it here from home because I was so conscious about the cooking ware that can be used in microwave. All this while I only uses those plastic ware to reheat food but not cooking. Now with this, I've cooked pastas, tomato rice (failed), normal rice and potatoes haha. 


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