House Flooded - NOT April Fool Prank

Just got back from conference in Penang last Tuesday. Hon surprised me again by driving all the way to Penang after his 扫墓 in the Sunday evening heheee and he sent me back.

Wanted to sweep and mop the floor on Wed morning, aka April Fool Day, but since Hon ushered me to go to lab instead, I postponed it. When I got back that night after badminton, the horror -_____-

(All pictures taken in the next morning)

That reflection is not because of shiny floor, it's all water :(
I stepped into the staircase up to my house and there's a small pool. I switched on the lights and all the stairs were wet. How is this possible!?

Carefully walked up, almost every step I took, there's water and it's wet. The whole house was puddles and puddles of water!!

Quickly inspected the source of the flooding, roof showed leaking but not too serious for this kind of disaster, then went out to the balcony, and the balcony was a small pool already! The drainage pipe was blocked, so the water couldn't get out so it went in :(

Although my room, located furthest from the balcony, suffered only minor water invasion, but the water got to my mattress, I had to stay at Fan Yun's house that night.

The next morning, went back to inspect the damage and clean the mess. Thankfully, I have cleared most of the stuff when I shifted to the other room, so damage was minimal. The cardboard box that I kept all my comics and books in was on the floor, luckily it got drenched just around the corners so most books were safe.

Flood damage - mattress, bags and sorts
Thanks to Fan Yun who helped out by wiping away the water and mopping the floor, she helped cut short my cleaning time by half!

Wanted to whine about this, but to think about it, I have relatives. friends and friends' friends who had suffered much worse, beyond imaginable disaster few months back during the worst flood of all time, some don't even have a proper place to stay yet (YES, some still STAY IN THE TENTS!), and some still trying to get rid of the muddy dust on their floors and walls! Who am I to complain? This is just rain water.

Just hope this is the last agenda until I finish my study.


faiz said…
same to house. imba flood this yr

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