3D2N Taiping Birthday Getaway

Happy birthday 3 Yi ^^
Hiiiiii youuuuuu *muaks* *muaks* *muaks*

Had a birthday getaway to Taiping, Perak, with Hon.

Took the komuter from Arau to Taiping is such a breeze - although I need to interchange at Bukit Mertajam station. It took me 3 hours and RM14.10 to get there.

I made a tad complaint about my birthday when we first started dating was staying at a new (refurbished) hotel and a dinner buffet at E&O Hotel, and now THIS - just a getaway to some town and sleeps in a hostel (we took private room lah) with shared toilets!

"Well, this happens when we are together for so long".

Yeah true also. And I sort of forgot about the birthday cake he baked during that 'extravagant' birthday (and Chen remembered hahaha!!! That moment was so funny although I broke Hon's heart :p ), so we are even lah~

We stayed at Hon's 'usual place' - Sojourn Beds & Cafe at Jalan Kota.

Both of us have a fondness for Taiping, be it the food, the price of the food, the scenery etc.

For my part, mainly is the price lah. Where else can you get a RM3.50 chicken rice in the whole Malaysia!? Taiping! Only Taiping! Heeee...


1) Simpang Duck Egg Fried Kueh Teow

Location: Jalan Besar, Jalan Simpang, 34000 Taiping, Perak. (opposite McD drive-thru, next to a well-lit Malay food court)
Opening hours: 7pm - 12am (while stocks last), close on Sunday

When Hon showed me the picture, I thought this place is all about the firework 'shows' and not so much about the food. I am so wrong. Sorry uncle!

We couldn't find the place at first. When Waze said "you have reached your destination", we saw nothing but a well-lit Malay makan place and shop-lots, thinking the shop might have closed down already due to outdated posts about his place. It's quite a distance from where we stayed though,  so we turned around and looked for it again. And luckily we did just that because the stall was just next door!

It wasn't very crowded on a Monday night, so we sat, ordered drinks and waited for the 'show'.

We sat two tables away from the 'kitchen' and we had a clear view of the show! When uncle added a new piece of charcoal, he would use a self-made fan to heat things up, and that's when the firework show started. Hon cued me everytime uncle added charcoal to snap the perfect firework pics.

It was a bit oily but thanks to the leaf for soaking up the oil, though it's a little odd to use other kind of leaf instead of banana leaf. Charcoal-fried stuff is the best as it fills with the charcoal smokiness. I should have opt for beansprout-less though. Half way through I had to start picking up the taugeh because it's too many now lol.

2) La Promise Cafe

Location: No. 1, Susur ILBP/1, Jalan Istana Larut Business Park, 34000 Taiping, Perak. (corner lot of a shoplot)
Opening hours: 11 am - 10.30 pm

It's a birthday getaway, a cake is a must!! A MUST!!

We are not the cafe-hopping type so we don't usually visit cafes. Hon said he read in some blog, stating this cafe sells the BEST cake in Taiping. Well gotta check that out right??!!

We went after we came down from Bukit Larut. It was a quiet evening when we stepped into the cafe, and rain started to drizzle and it was such a wonderful timing for a nice piece of cake and drinks. They were baking muffins, seems to be a stock supply for something as they were stuffing the muffins in the plastic trays.

We ordered drinks, a 4-piece chicken wings, two cakes and two muffins. The drinks were nothing too special so skip! The chicken wings were marinated well and fried perfectly - finger licking good!! It's quite expensive though.

So me. No perfect food pic sorry
The reviews are real!!! The cakes and muffins were so so SO GOOD!

Soft and moist cakes, not too sweet creams, nice!

Muffins aren't really my favorite dessert in the world but theirs are really nice!!! Freshly out from oven, crispy and crusty on the outside, soft, warm, fluff on the inside, SO GOOD! We started with a orange peel ones, then grabbed another chocolate ones when it came out from the kitchen. SO GOOD! And cheap too, RM2 sth per piece!

3) Restoran Kampung Wang

Location: 3266, Jalan Tembikai, 34000 Taiping, Perak.
(walking distance - 500m - from Taiping Mall, it's surrounded by terrace houses)
Opening hours: 11 am - 11 pm

The hostel's owner recommended us this when we said we intended to go to Kuala Sepetang for a sunset dinner - "Don't have to go so far lah, you can have nice seafood dinner here in Taiping town!"

OK so we took her advice and tried this restaurant that she talked about. She suggested we drive there, Hon googled the place up and it's about 1km from where we stay, and according to Google map, it's further to drive coz we can cut through small roads if we walk.

We walked through a Kelab Capitol, passed a row of terrace houses, and there it was, corner lot shop with large signboards.

I wanted to have crabs but they don't have any - already expected that as crabs are considered a season food.

We sat at an 8 persons table as all the smaller tables were occupied lol. We had Nyonya style steamed fish, salted egg mantis shrimp and gam heong chicken. The food was nice! The portion of each dishes was quite big for two person and I burst my tummy finishing them. Luckily I didn't have a heartburn or indigestion later that night.

Total came to RM47 including rice and drinks.

4) Larut Matang Hawker Centre

Location: No 1, Jalan Panggung Wayang, 34000 Taiping, Perak.

I only want to introduce a single food this time lol.

Uncovered another nice food here in this hawker centre - Wan Tan Mee!!! I had these two days in a row hahaha!

Please check out stall no. 72!

5) Pasar Siang Malam 

This one too, single food recommendation only lol.

Stall no. 2 chee cheong fun, facing KFC.

OMG this uncle's fried shallots like no need money one. Freaking generous!!! We went for this two nights in a row too hahaha!

On the first night, I thought I was too full to have this as supper, so I asked to share with Hon. He ordered a big one, and the minute I saw that mountain of fried shallots I swallowed half of it! Hon had to order a second plate muahaha! The uncle was like "I thought you like it so much. You still let her eat yours?" lol uncle don't like that lah...

On the second night, after our heavy dinner at Restoran Kampung Wang, we both were so full! Yet we still made plan for this, and we each had one plate muahaha! Fat die :D

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Place of interest: Bukit Larut

Now that I've been to Bukit Larut, I think it's safe to say that, besides Taiping Lake, Bukit Larut is another must-visit place when we go to Taiping.

1250m above sea level, there's two ways to go up this hill, either on foot or by the Land Rover Defender they provided, RM10 per round trip, the time is 8.30am, 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm.

About the Land Rover trip, the minimum is 4 pax per jeep, which means if there's only two of you, you have to pay RM40 for the trip uphill. During peak season, the seats are selling out very fast.

Honestly, I think the RM10 is to buy the roller coaster road trip uphill! Woah!! It was sooooo fun!! Not for faint-hearted and motion sickness people, it can get very dizzy as there are many hairpin curves and the pakcik literally went full U-turn without braking! OMG! This roller coaster trip took about 20-25 minutes to reach the top.

As for the peak, there's really isn't anything to do other than strolling around. The only cafe is only opened on the weekends, there's no mini market or whatsoever. There are some bungalows available for rent.

It was cold and breezy on the peak. It wasn't very commercialized and developed which I love about.

Well-known as the Raintown, the sunny day was quickly swallowed by a dash of dark clouds, and within minutes rain came!

Places like this make you wanna put down your devices, look at each other and talk. I snapped a few pictures and sent to mom, urging her for another trip! That aunty very hard to invite for trip one haih...

Overall, it was a nice trip and birthday. Thanks bee.


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