Bikepacking: 3D2N Tanjung Sepat Raya Trip (Part 1)

Stay: Myguest

Day 1:
- Klang/Kota Kemuning to Tanjung Sepat (via Bukit Jugra, Pantai Morib)
- Food: Restoran Viking (Bukit Jugra hill foot), 家乡小吃 (Lorong 14 Tanjung Sepat)

Day 2:
- Arowana Tapioca Factory
- Bagan Lalang
- Sungai Pelek 
- Food: Restoran Ah Hock (seafood bak kut teh), Restoran Mathi (Sungai Pelek), Red House Snacks (Tanjung Sepat), Miss Vietnam coffee

Day 3: 
- Kedai Makan & Minuman Kian Heng 等一下咖啡室

11 of us on a 3D2N bikepacking from Klang (me and Hon)/Kota Kemuning (the rest) to Tanjung Sepat.
Verdict: Bring anything necessary eg enough water + electrolyte + power gel + whatever to hydrate and spare tubes and parts and stuff because 50% of the route is in the middle of nowhere = just you and the nature!! 

Jenjarom breakfast
From left:
 Rex, Jareen, Eunice, Maye, me, Hon, Wilson, Winnie, Jeffery, Keng, KC
Bike specs:
2 Lerun Evo Team with different tyres
1) Maxxis detonator (front) + Schawlbe marathon plus (back)
2) Schawlbe Smart Sam (both)

Klang - Tanjung Sepat:
Moving Time: 5:52:11
Distance: 100.3 km (!!)
Average speed: 17.1 km/h
Elevation gain: 663 m

Tanjung Sepat - Klang:
NAIK KERETA (story up later)

DAY 1:

Since the gathering point was at Kota Kemuning, we (Hon and I) decided to just cycle there because: 1) Hon wanted to use two Lerun mountain bikes this time; 2) his car (Proton Saga BLM cannot fit two mountain bikes); 3) It's just 20km, can cover lah...

By the time we arrived at the site, they were fixing and getting their bikes ready so we had a quick breakfast.

We used the under-development Bandar Rimbayu route which was amazing! Low traffic (almost no cars), wide and nice roads, nice~ The only downside is that since it's a new housing project, the trees by the roadside are still very green so no shades.

SKVE - exiting Bandar Rimbayu
Going into palm estates!
This is actually a BOH plantation sign but Eunice (who took this picture) missed that -_-
The next 10km was a route where there's only us, palm trees, rubber estates, very few houses and since it's Raya eve, none of the shops were open~~ until we reached Jenjarom for another breakfast.

After breakfast, Hon lead our group. I was a little confused because he used the Jalan Klang-Banting which usually is our route back to Klang from Jenjarom, and he said "Yup we're going back! I get RM500 dy can 收工" (he was treasurer). Yeah right...

We took a left turn at the Carey Island roundabout, and another 20km without anything but us!

We made a detour at Bukit Jugra where half of the group waited at the bottom of the hill and half of us heading to the peak!

Chinese Cemetery with sibeh nice view (风水must be damn good)
I was a little scared thinking of conquer the peak but Hon encouraged me to do so since we were riding mountain bikes (MB has more gears comparing to RB so although it's heavier, it can climb!). He kept on saying "after the cemetery I wanna U-turn dy so damn steep", and he did, and I was all gung-ho thinking I is possible so I continued my climb.

Wanna die dy
...BUT DAMN it is so steep I had to stop three times!!! And non-stop cursing!!! DAMN! At every stop, I wanted to U-turn since I've already been up there several times by car, I've seen the views, I think I have no regret, and Winnie kept on pushing to go on "你能的你能的!一点点罢了!" "You can do it!!! Just a little bit more!!!"

YOUR HEAD!! That is the biggest lie in every fitness region I swear to you, regardless cycling or running or hiking or HIIT or whatsoever!

But that kept me moving LOL.

800m climb, 129m elevation, I took 15m30s to complete the climb.


OK lah worth it
Finally such exhausting climb, we had to refuel our energy! So next stop was LUNCH!! at Restaurant Viking.

Oh yeah, now that I've been on 2-3 bikepacking trips with about 5-6 of them in this gang, I've upgraded to blogger! LOL... They know that I blog, so they give me chance to take pictures on everything to write about haha!

gam heong bamboo clam - so nice they stripped the clams

CRABSSS (I forgot what sauce is it)

CRABSSS (I think the sauce is sweet sour or something)

Steamed... erm... forgot what type of fish 
I love Hon so much; he is allergy to the crab (more like to its outer shell) hence we almost never eat crabs; thanks to gang of friends I get to eat crabs! Hehehe~~

After the hearty meal, it's another 25km of nothingness~~ and by nothing, I mean there's only us, cows, cow dungs all over, very low traffic, few houses and that's it! Let me tell you, these cows are super curious! Whenever we cycled by, these cows looked up from chewing the grass and just stared at us until we were gone LOL. I actually felt kinda threatened haha!

It was about 6pm by the time we arrived Tanjung Sepat, went to our homestay - Myguest - which looks exactly like the picture! The bed is comfy, the room is comfy, the compound is large, it was a haven after 10 hours of cycling in the hot weather! The downsides are the common area has no air-cond but just fans (not a good thing for a big hall) and some rooms have crawly bugs eg cockroaches yikes !!

We settled down, unloading our stuffs from the bikes, chose our rooms, bath, relaxing our sore legs and saddle sore, checking out the surrounding of the homestay etc etc...

We got out at 7.30pm for dinner, at a place called 家乡小食 at Lorong 14 and the meal was awesOme!

Siam style fried tofu

蚝煎 oyster omelette awesome style
the gooey stuff on top of the egg is actually 蚝珠 aka baby oyster which is delicious!

Fish paste soup 鱼滑汤

Teochew style steamed red grouper

RM234 for 11 pax, not bad huh?
We went to the store to get water, beers and snacks, headed back, and hang out~

This was how four of us ended the night - learn how to play mahjong IRL


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