*New bL0g*

a blogspot of mine at last!! hehe... when 'they' asked me to put a name for my blog, there's nothing but 'popeye' appear in my head.. Thanks for those poli buddies, this nickname was my trademark for the 2-and-a-half years there (another 6 months, i was in my industrial training in USM..)

well, better get back to the topic.. UpU application will start either on 3rd January 2007 (according to Ministry of Higher Education) OR 7th January 2007 (according to Ministry of Higher Education too!!).. Duh...... everytime government gonna do anything, it must some 'confusion' happened, baru they can satisfy one.. -_-"

anyway, gonna do some preparation to apply this time.. Last year back in poli, when my batch's buddies and coursemates were so busy and frustrated to prepare for the upu application, i was like "nevermind la, u guys get busy, im not interested to further.." DUH...... now, i finally realised how important it is to get a degree.. -_-" and its better to get a degree than to change a new job now, coz being a part in United Akrab Tech is a really good n valuable experience for me to learn new things, so.... =)

When i was having my lunch downstair before i came here (cc), i managed to watch 30 minutes of CSI!! arghhh!! i miss it soo00o00o0o much... and gonna move (again) to SS2, staying with my er jie and her friends..



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