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Haha!! Finally! I got my hair perm and coloured and highlighted!! (Please view the ‘before & after’ pictures below)

Overall, wash + cut + perm + colour + highlight + treatment + 2 bottle of treatment gel = RM450 (izzit still consider reasonable? I think when chin read this [or maybe to everyone who read this] would say: “it is so damn easy to earn ladies’ money” >_< )

and I spent the whole morning + evening in the saloon (10.30am until 4pm!! Ahh!!) until the stylists and indon assistants kept on asking me:

“are you hungry?”

and served me a cup of nice white coffee (it’s really nice! Should have ask them where they get it.. ) and biscuits~

This is actually my first time ‘challenge’ my hair.. Why? I never did anything to my hair (except once in sem 5, i tried to dye my hair coz Giant Shah Alam was having sales, Loreal dye hair one [not so sure the name] only RM12!! and another time when I visited Ipoh, Jac’s aunt curled my hair) So when the stylist touched my hair, she asked:

“Did you ever do rebonding?”


“Wow! So it is natural straight lo! Never dye it before too?”

“ermm.. Ah huh..”

“Wow~ your hair is so healthy”

Then they started to work! And they worried that the chemicals will damage my hair badly (I’m worry too.. and the chemicals did damaging my hair edi, that’s the fact), so they suggested me to do treatment as well, and I agreed.

And finally, Tada!


xetajones said…
Wow. Nice hair style Nee.
But I still like the straight one. :)
Jasmine * said…
Faster come backkkkkkkkkkk~

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