*cake addict*

I think there's sure some people who addicted to something they 'addict' to.. :p

For example, bad example: drug, pills, medicine, cigaratte(no offence pls, smoking is really no good for your health ma right?)..
some more example: perfume (Dior Addict ma..), coffee (there's some coffee addict in lyn chinese thread) etc etc...

While for me, i think i can call myself a *CAKE ADDICT*!! muahahah...


I think most of u must have some moment of time that u suddenly feel like eating something (abit like pregnant ladies la), that u suddenly have the urge to really eat that particular thing.. Well, for me, it's *CAKE*! =)

Ofcourse i've thinking of other food too, but *CAKE* is definitely the only one food that i would think 'all the time'.. Yea, i've thinking of sushi, ice cream, jelly, yogurt drink etc, but *CAKE* is a best medicine to cure my 'addiction'.. muahahah... =p


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