*night b4 departing to perlis*

*pack pack pack*
Wow... it's been really a long time since i really ta bao my stuffs to go to other places 'again'.. Until i really messed up while packing my things.. >.< *blur*
As the result, i ended up messing my room up to world-war-three stage..
<<<--- one corner of messy stuffs like medical reports la, documents la, files la etc etc...

<<<--- another messy corner: clothes + bags (not yet pack my shoes de le.. )
<<<--- two big plastic bags of shoes: 1 yonex badminton shoe, 1 bata power sport shoe, 1 sandal, 1 black leather alan-delon shoe, 1 padini-authentic casual shoe, 1 yonex racket bag with 1 impact ti-38 inside it..
<<<--- close up view of the bags.. butgor, inside these bags are only clothes + shoes, so baldi la, mug la, plates la etc etc gonna have to buy new one liao la..
And the saddest thing is:
I have to leave this baby plushy doggie here at peejay house!!! *cry*

I can only manage to bring my 2 baby pillows along coz there's too many things.. >.<
Cant even thinking of taking the big pillow which now located in our living room..
And have to leave piggie behind too! >.< *cry again*
Anyway, overall, everything is well packed, the only thing left is medicine! (i totally forgot about it.. deng~)


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