It's all because of Food

Ever since I reached Urumqi and stayed here for one month++ now, my measures of 'how much amount of food that can make me full' had failed. BIG time. Here goes the story...

One fine day, four of us went to a noodle shop nearby school to have our lunch. The theme food of that fine day was pan mee 拌面. It's not that kind of pan mee sold in Malaysia, it's like figure below:

I think I talked about this before, but just in case, I just gonna give a brief explaination again. Pan Mee is a type of mee, where the mee itself is just an ordinary mee IN CHINA not yellow mee in Malaysia, and the dishes will be served according to what you ordered. In this case, Ju ordered 土豆丝拌面 aka sliced potato Pan Mee. You just mix the vegie in your mee, gaul everything together and started eating.

While in my case, I ordered 炒面 fried mee.

Again, fried mee here ain't like the one in Malaysia. It's just like Pan Mee, but the difference is that a lot of green pepper and 芹菜 are mixed in the noodle, and it got fried so the mee is hot. Oh btw, Pan Mee is cold and the dishes is hot.

Eventually, this portion of fried mee made me so full, I was full even 10 hours after eating it. jilakat... I lost of words in describing how much the portion of that mee, but it's really THAT lan full. Or, it's because of the menstrual... Ah who knows~

Side story: there's other thing I wanna talk about that's on the tables of every restaurants in China (or XJ donno lol).

On the table, you won't find any chili sauce or ketchup sauce or soya sauce or anything like that. Here, you will find,

1. Tea

and the best part is...

It's totally free.

...Unlike Malaysia who charged few tenth cents for yit cha or deng lang teh and few more cents for suit cha or seng kak teh. This is so lan good because of the portion of the food, we need to drink more tea to burn the fat and help the digestion. Ah!

Anyway, I found that different shops serve different type of teas too. There's shops that sell rather expensive food but serve not-so-nice tea. There's shops that serve really nice tea and the food is cheap. There's even few shops that serve tea made out of rice water (coz it tastes and smells and looks like one. Nice though.).

2. Vinegar

People don't eat things with jiu cheng or soya sauce here. They eat with vinegar, black one to be precise.

They eat pau with vinegar. They eat wantan with vinegar. They eat noodles with vinegar. They eat rice with vinegar.

Ju is addicted to vinegar too, and the amount she added into her food is really jialat.

There's another thing that always come with vinegar: chili paste or 辣子. But there's none in this shop.

3. Garlic

People here loves to eat garlic. Fresh and raw.

I was amazed at first, and I tried one or two too. But I didn't admire the taste so much.


licici said…
owh, never heard u say b4 lo
*Nee* said…
Please try not to get on my nerves Mister
licici said…
wo mang zang for wat

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