Choir Competition

Today, they have this Choir Competition going on in the school compound. It started at about 6.30pm. I was on the way to AutoCAD class, the class was empty, so I assumed everyone is taking part in this competition thing. So I went to the venue of the competition.

They set up a stage in front of 教学楼, a large compound where the basketball courts, badminton courts, pingpong tables and concrete football fields are. I asked Ching and Wing to come and watch too. What surprising me is that they have students as prefects-kind-of 'guards, guarding around every corner of the compound '封锁现场', so both girls were not allowed to come in the compound and I was not allowed to go out either. Chez~ -__________-"

9 teams took part, from all the departments of the school: Mandarin class, Foreign Language class, Mechanical etc etc... Each team are required to be as creative as they can be. So, some focus on their uniforms, some on their stage performance, etc etc..

This is my favourite =)

The girls in the front-est row were wearing red dresses, look like air stewardess. Sweet. Plus, some of them are my classmates. =)

The hosts were darn 'cun' too, the female host was wearing a wedding-gown-alike dress (the green one).

Every team has at least two songs, and the first song is the same: '没有共产党就没有新中国'. I overheard a conversation of two people standing behind me, this song is a must, but dono why.

I didn't stay until the last part of the event as the wind started to be colder, I rushed out to buy dinner and hurriedly ran back home to prevent 着凉, so I didn't know who's the winner. Anyway, I sneezed and had a mild running nose still. Chez~

Random story time:
1. First project finished

...comes the second one

2. Ever since I came here, I tried to train myself in some 'healthy' lifestyle, for instance, drinking honey.

I'm not sure why, I don't like to drink honey, at all, when I'm in Malaysia. My taste bud registers honey as 'not nice'.

Surprisingly, I started to have this habit of drinking one glass of honey per day. The honey above is actually the second one already.

Thanks to the weather here too, not only that I don't look forward for cold drinks and ice creams, I consume a lot of water each and every day, and, I prefer hot one. Haha!

3. It's spring already, but it's still cold, about 5-15 degree celcius. Plus, the spring wind is darn evil, so I was adviced to wear more clothes and thicker jacket, even it's a sunny day. Ching is the strongest one among us, she only wears long sleeves clothes (like any other China ppl).

This was taken when we were on the way back to school from 爱家 supermarket. Look at the trees~ Green~


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