Updates along the week

1. Went to 可可抓饭 for lunch on one fine afternoon.

It's famous of, of course, the 抓饭. Direct translate would be Grab Rice.

This food is a famous cuisine for Uygur people. The name is originated from their culture. Long long time ago, they eat this kind of rice by using hand, just like us eating rice in Malaysia using hands. As time goes by, I not sure why they start to use spoon and/or chopsticks to eat it, but the name is still called "Grab Rice". This restaurant 可可抓饭 is famous of its nice Grab Rice. And it really really nice.

There's a lot of people by the time we reached there. *Full House*! Summore spent almost 40 minutes queue up to get our rice. However, everything is really worthy.

The BBQ lambs taste like any other bbq lamb

But the Grab Rice is multiple thumbs up!

The taste is superb! Although the price is a little high (RMB6 per plate).

One adding star for it is, we can unlimitedly add rice! Although the amount is quite pathetic.

2. Went to Matta Fair XJ version at People's Square 人民广场 on Saturday.

It is an outdoor event. Although the scale of the fair is not as large as the one held in KLCC, but as the fair took part at a vast square, they set up a stage in the middle of the fair for performance. Really nice to see various type of dances and singing from different cultures. I didn't take any pictures though, but capture videos instead. Tried to load it up but failed. Next time la hah... There's one guy performing with a trumpet-alike musical instrument, and he played 西游记! Nice~

I drooling-ly collect all sorts of flyers and magazines for places to visit. Argh really need to plan for a trip on May and June!

3. After having lunch, we walked from the People's Square to 友好 Parkson to buy my stuff.

I purchased this:

DHC Mild Soap

My friends is not really encouraging me to buy this product actually, coz it is soap based. But, I tried DXN soap cleanser before, and the result is quite good, so I might as well try a new brand. Just hope it can really tahan lah +.+

4. On that same day, the school was organising something grand. Stages and booths were set up at the basketball court, with sound system and complete light system.

It was a searching-for-new-star/band contest. I managed to listen to two songs when I was on my way to buy dinner, but it's too noisy and windy, so I hurriedly cabut.

5. Sick on Sunday =(

Telan panadols and drink few gallon of water.

The heat is getting away but the cough still same =(

This morning, my throat is killing me! =(

I think it was a sick weekend as I see teachers and students are coughing too. It feels so bad to sick overseas. =(

I miss home =(

Mummy and Daddy might be coming on June! Yay!

Thanks to you, Zenia for the credit. =D


tino said…
so li sudah beh china southern ticket liao?
2 je sudah beh airasia liao...
in case lang bo dui ki, tiuk ai plan ho li dad and mi for their pencen honey moon :D
*Nee* said…
ai beh china southern diok ai passport number. li dad and mi boh renew loi, so aboi eh beh...

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