Fish Fiesta

No it's not fishing.

The big sisters in the cluster had planned the food fest since Monday. This time, it's fishes.

The girls were in-charge for stocking up the necessary stuffs, and the food preparation was on this morning at a clustermate's house.

I cleaned few kg of fishes! :) Feel so proud of myself.

Shame to say it out loud, it was my first time cleaning fish.

Well, the cleaning-fish process was divided into three checkpoints:
1. Cutting out the fish's lower lips and slit the belly.
2. Removing the entrails.
3. Rinsing the fish.

I was arranged into checkpoint 2 and 3. There's about 10 kg of fishes for us to clean! After all that, my hands smell very fishy! Even after cleaning with soap!

(haha something fishy is going on~~)

Everything was done by 11 am, moving all the stuff to the cluster, and fish fiesta started at 12 something.

I had 7 fishes!! My tummy is very happy Muahahaha~


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